Fiber Friday!

Despite all indications to the contrary, I have been dyeing plenty (besides club) this summer. Grand Old Flag has been difficult to keep in stock (there are some now)…which is a great problem to have, and of course we have been enjoying extra trips over the summer. I’ve also been working on a studio move. It is just one room over in our home, but when it is finished I should have everything for the dye studio in one room. In the meantime, I’ve been juggling the two half functional studios, and turned out a nice update for you. (At least, I think so!)

You can easily find this entire update at this link, under the ‘New’ section of the shop.

There is quite a bit of Falkland….I finished dyeing the entire bump. If you love this fiber, grab it, because I won’t have it again until 2014.

Citrus Splash Falkland
Tropical Rainbow Falkland
Iris Falkland
Dove - Falkland
Darner Dragonfly - Falkland Wool

I’ve also started in on the rest of my bump of BFL:
Savanna BFL
Peacock BFL
Out of the Deep BFL
Blackberry BFL

And I had a special request by a friend for Tropical Rainbow on BFL/Silk, so I have more from that batch, plus a batch of Merino/Bamboo/Tussah. Fun with rainbows!!
Tropical Rainbow BFL Silk
Tropical Rainbow MBT

I have some random fibers that were samples or extras for Tiger Club, and they are now released from the no-sell period.

Bamboo Bast Bamboo
Weathered Cog Shetland
Froid Mixed BFL
Sugar Coated Targhee

And finally I’ve been working on Mawata Silk Hankies. Fun to spin, or to pull into ‘yarn’ and knit without spinning.

Bright Tropical Rainbow Silk Hankies
Water Lilies Silk Hankies
Tuscany Silk Hankies
Raspberry Ripple Silk Hankies
Iris Silk Hankies
Tropical Rainbow Silk Hankies

Whew! We’re getting back in the swing of things with school and a real schedule, so the plan is to have more regular updates for you. I’m going to keep working on the BFL and the BFL Silk, but first I need to knock out August’s Tiger Club, which is always fun to do. There is 90 pounds of yarn and fiber on its way from my supplier, and I look forward to showing you what I can do with them!

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