Ice Pops – July Tiger Club Reveal

I’m back, and had a bit of vacation from our vacation! Once I’ve sorted through pictures, I’ll share a bit of that with you.

Right before we left, I sent out July’s Club, and I’m overdue for the reveal. I wanted something with a cool feeling, so I went on a search for cotton. I found it in fiber and in yarn! My original ‘polar opposite’ plan to contrast with June’s ‘Solar Flare’ was to make pale cool colors, but I was getting pretty nice bolder colors, so I decided to go with it. This picture cinched the deal, and ‘Ice Pops’ was born.
what's your flavor?

Our yarn is very similar to Elann’s Esprit, and is a cotton and elastic blend in a light sport weight. Since they came to me so neat in 50 gram balls, I decided to make them in Fillet of Soles and hand paint them into stripes. Just pull out the waste yarn, and start knitting two socks at a time, toe up, and use up all the yarn!

Ice Pops - July 2013 Tiger Club - Cotton Sock

For cotton, I know many spinners are afraid of it, and I wanted to push you out of your comfort zone, but not TOO much! Enter in this lovely ‘Easy to Spin’ Acala cotton sliver. It is grown in the USA, and is minimally processed to make it easier for spinners. Commercial cotton has all the crimp ironed out of it, and this does not. If you’d like to learn more, and get tips on how to spin it, check out this site, and explore.

Ice Pops - July 2013 Tiger Club - Easy to Spin Acala Cotton Sliver


We’ll be back to wool for August (and the rest of the year), you are welcome to join us, as there are a few spots open in Tiger Club through the 15th of August.

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