Shop Update – BFL and Stripes!

Blue Faced Leicester Ewe.
I’ve been working hard at the dyepots and have some beautiful BFL wool combed top for you. I love BFL (Blue Faced Leicester)….not only are the sheep attractive, the wool is lovely…soft and shiny. Plus it is a longer wool, so it is naturally strong. Perfect for socks, but also for shawls and whatever else you can dream up!

Hover for their names, click on over to our BFL Section to purchase!

Neapolitan BFL

Inky Depths BFL

Eventide BFL

Deep Purple Passion BFL

Autumn Splendor BFL
(Autumn Splendor is featured in our ad in the current Fall issue of Ply Magazine! We also have it on Targhee, and will have Polwarth, too.)

Autumn Blaze BFL

Raspberry Mocha BFL

Purple Passion BFL

And last, but certainly not least, I’ve been working away at replenishing the striping sock yarns. I have Grand Old Flag for you, and Tropical Rainbow Stripe. Look for a regular ‘crayon box’ rainbow, plus other colors soon! Here’s a link to our sock yarn section.
Grand Old Flag - Tiger Twist Sock Yarn
Tropical Rainbow Stripe Journey

And just for fun, more BFL. I love how proud this young man is of his flock!

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