Villa Nove – August 2013 Tiger Club Reveal


Montage, Villa Nove by Jack Lenor Larsen



Our family was driving toward our Colorado vacation this summer, and with hubby driving I decided to enjoy my May/June issue of Hand Woven.  A few pages in, and WHAM!  I knew I had to make these colors for Tiger Club!  This picture is by textile designer Jack Lenor Larsen, and is entitled Montage, Villa Nove.  This scan does not do it justice, the shades of teal, orange, and bronze just shimmer off of one another.

These colors have great potential for mud if allowed to blend, so I decided striped would be the best plan.  Our yarn is Safari, which is a blend of superwash Corriedale and nylon.  The repeat is quite long, about 43 yards!

Ville Nova - August 2013 Tiger Club - Safari Sock Yarn


To match our yarn, I have some lovely Superwash Corriedale combed top, and I hand painted it in sections.  This technique gives you a huge number of possibilities.  You could spin straight and either chain ply or divide the top before spinning into the number of plies you want….or ply with a solid…something matching one of the colors, or maybe a brown.  You could make a fractal yarn, or you could disassemble the top and play on a blending board…..or remove a color you don’t care for.  Let your imagination run wild and have fun with it!Ville Nova - August 2013 Tiger Club - Superwash Corriedale Combed Top


Tiger Club is currently open for September subscriptions if you’d like to join in the fun!


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