Fiber Friday – Targhee!!

Yes, it’s true….at long last I have more luscious cottony-soft Targhee!! Can’t wait to get your hands on them? Click here.

First up, we have some of my favorites from my striping sock yarns. These are dyed in a graduated progression….each color longer than the last, perfect for a triangular shawl. Remember my Forest Fractal Yarn? Yeah, these can do that!
Raspberry Mocha Targhee
Frozen Targhee
Forest Targhee

I have several gradients….

Burning Bright Targhee
Out of the Deep Targhee
Periwinkle to Petunia Targhee

And progression gradient rainbows…
Rainbow Targhee
Pastel Rainbow Targhee
Tropical Rainbow Targhee

And my favorite Autumn Splendor that doesn’t quite fit in any of these categories….
Autumn Splendor Targhee

And some variegated colors….
Black Tulip Targhee
Mississippi Mud Targhee
Northern Lights Targhee


Whew!  As you can see, it was a fun week at the dyepots.  I love my job, and hope you love what I’ve made for you!

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