Mount Saint Helens – Tiger Club Reveal May 2015

The end of May is a perfect time for outdoor activities.  One of the few areas of the United States I haven’t explored (yet) is the Northwest.  I chose Mt. St. Helens as a landmark to portray in wool.

Clear blue skies, check. Rich greens and browns of plant life and earth. Check. All the subtle greys and texture? Hrm. But a solution was found!

Our wool is merino, but a blend of white, brown, and gray. I love how it turned out!
Mount Saint Helens - May Tiger Club - Mixed Merino Wool Top

And for the sock yarn, I turned to a favorite of mine that is Club exclusive….Tiger Tweed. Yum.
Mount Saint Helens - May Tiger Club - Tiger Tweed Sock Yarn

I’m gearing up for June Club, which will revisit a wool we haven’t had for a couple of years, and a brand new yarn….dyed for a shawl. Jump on in, Tiger Club is easy to try!

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