Black & Blue – May 2016 Tiger Club

As mentioned in your Club note, my daughter chose May’s colors. And here’s part of the inspiration….Jay Walker, from the Lego show Ninjago.  As you can see, his power is Lightening, and all the ninjas do the spinning move, called Spinjitsu. (Hey, spinning…we’ll take it, right?!)  She and her brother enjoy this show, and they even dressed as their favorite characters, Jay and Cole, to give out candy last Halloween. Her favorite color is now blue (but preferably an electric or turquoise shade), with a side of black. After the eight color striping craziness of April’s club, I was happy to make something a little more simple.

Dyeing is such a fun thing to do….after a while you learn some neat tricks by accident, and for this club I was able to employ them ‘on purpose’. I used two different blues mixed together (with a tiny shot of yellow for good measure), then used the fiber itself as a resist. The blues split back apart in fun ways, and the black made a nice dappled gray to black effect. The fiber is soft and bouncy Polwarth, and this particular bump is a nice super thick combed top. Split it to make matching plies, do a fractal, make rolags, or spin a thick single!!  Have fun with it!

Black & Blue - May 2016 Tiger Club - Polwarth

For yarn, I used up the very last of my supply of Tiger Twist 365. It borders on sport weight so I called it Tiger Twist Sport….feel free to stash it on Ravelry in Tiger Twist, even though the yardage is a bit less….the structure and texture is the same, even though it’s a bit thicker.  I used a dip dye technique, which allowed the blues to split in a different way than they did on fiber.

Black & Blue - May 2016 Tiger Club - Tiger Twist 365

I think the result is fun and striking. I couldn’t help it, I did a little swatch. Your spiral/pooling will vary depending on your gauge and number of stitches.

Black & Blue - May 2016 Tiger Club

For the sake of my sanity, I’ve closed Tiger Club to new subscriptions for the summer….aforementioned daughter is taking Driver’s Education, and hubby is playing gigs for local summerstock productions, so knowing my numbers so I can dye ahead is helpful so I can drop things and have some fun when we are all free! HOWEVER, do contact me if you want to be on the wait list….if someone drops the club you want, it will be no problem to put you in that spot….I’ll probably already have it dyed, even!! 🙂 Enjoy your summer, and keep cool, like Jay!

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