Elemental – April 2016 Tiger Club Reveal

Did you know that metals burn in bright colors?  Yup, they do!  In a really loose form of actually using my Chem minor, I took the ideas of these flames and put together 4 warm colors and 4 cool colors to create Elemental.

Elemental - Tiger Club Fiber - SW BFL - April 2016 Tiger Club

The fiber is a great favorite for showing off bright colors with a bit of shine….. Superwash BFL.  With 8 colors, I was leery of mud, so I made two lengths of fiber to give you the most options possible for spinning, carding, whatever.  One length has the cool colors, and the other the warm.

Elemental - SW BFL

Our yarn is the reason for the delay in posting this reveal. I really wanted to show you what it would look like when knit, and since I managed to score one for myself this month, I decided I would make a sock sized swatch. 😉
Elemental- Targhee Sock Yarn

This is a brand new yarn, it’s a 3 ply with a nice twist on it….sturdy enough for socks, but a nice hand. It’s a blend of superwash Targhee and nylon.  Targhee is a sheep breed developed here in the USA in 1926 from Rambouillet, Columbia and Corriedale crosses.  The result is a dual purpose (good meat AND fleece) sheep that is well suited to the places it is popular with farmers….Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota.  What does it mean for us knitters?  Targhee has that special fineness of merino, but is a bit sturdier.  And you can feel good that it came from as close to you as possible, and supports the renewing of the wool industry here in the USA.

Elemental- Targhee Sock Yarn - Tiger Club April 2016

(Yeah, yeah, I’ll get the second sock knit up soon, I promise!)

For both yarn and fiber, I suggested to alternate this with white, black, navy, even deep brown, to stretch it.  This would be fun striped or fair isled (is that a word?), or in any kind of modular knit….entrelac, diamonds, shells, etc.  I can wait to see what clubbers make!

If you are interested in Tiger Club, please pop over to the website! Fiber clubs are open, or you can drop me a line to be on the waiting list for the sock club.

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