Grapefruit Sangria – June 2021 Tiger Club

Summer is always a great time to grab a refreshing beverage, and the yarn and fiber I chose for June were the perfect ones to pull of something delicate. I’ve had this citrus slice on my Pinterest for some time, and decided now is the time. However, I was feeling this was maybe a little too delicate……

Ah, this picture has the ‘punch’ I was after (ha), but maybe a little too bold…, from these two images I took inspiration to create my own house mix of pinks, salmon, peach, and pale yellow to create Grapefruit Sangria. I hope you find it delicious and refreshing.

Grapefruit Sangria 19.5 m Merino Wool Combed Top - June 2021 Tiger Club

Our fiber is a real treat, superfine 19.5 micron Merino, grown in the USA. I’m generally not a big fan of merino as a dyer (especially the superwash stuff), but I was very pleasantly surprised at how well this behaved. Homegrown for the win! I used my favorite blended gradient technique on this, so each color wavers into its neighbor for a nice blending effect. Fine merino is a lot of fiber at once, so if you have issues drafting you may like to strip this down or use some other technique like spinning from the fold, to make it more manageable.

Grapefruit Sangria Titanium Tiger Twist Sock Yarn - June 2021 Tiger Club

Our yarn is Titanium Tiger Twist, a nice blend of Superwash Merino and Nylon, in a 2 ply format with plenty of hosiery twist. It’s great for socks, or for something else. 2 ply is handy for holding the holes open on lacework, this would be a nice one to make a shawl from, or a scarf. Planned pooling can line up those colors if you’d prefer them not mixed up (and you can do the same using this as warp or weft on your loom).

Thanks for joining us for this peek at Tiger Club. I did have a request for more fiber, so there’s an additional 8 oz if another club member is interested. I used up all the yarn I had on hand, though. If you are interested in Club itself, I do have a couple fiber club spots open, which I’m happy to combine into a Double Club upon request (provided there’s 2 singles available).

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