European Bee-Eater, July 2023 Tiger Club

Knowing that July Club goes out at the end of the month and August can lean into the idea of fall, I wanted to do a set of colors that could straddle the seasons. Birds are always a good go-to, and I loved these European Bee-Eaters with their bright and fairly distinct colors, plus the bronze background.

European Bee-Eater Journey Minis TC July 2023 WM

I’ve had a big batch of Journey mini-skeins just itching to jump in the dyepot, and this was a good one for it….I didn’t want too many transition colors for this…while the bird does show a bit of green, it seems to be an after-thought so I wanted to avoid that (plus some of the blues and golds I wanted to use don’t make nice greens when mixed). I created two dye recipes for each color, a light and a dark, and used a twisted kettle dye technique to apply them fairly randomly. I’m excited to see what you come up with, one clubber is making color block socks with theirs, using Boop! as the ‘solid’ in between. If you don’t want to use them together, they are great options for trim or heels/toes for other colors. This is a pretty popular yarn among indie dyers, so you may find a number of suitable things to pair these with in your stash already.

European Bee-Eater Medium Wool Sampler TC July 2023 WM

In keeping with the ‘flavor’ of mini-skeins, I created a medium wool sample for Fiber Club. The Finn Humbug was just right for the varied bronze background, and there is Shetland, Southdown, Radnor, and Stricken Andean. These are fairly similar in staple length and micron count, so should blend well into a project. Have fun and make some rolags or play with your hackle (or combs). Or this could be fun for a needle felting project. I’d love to see what you come up with! I do have two more sets of this wool if you need some more to play with, just drop me a line through the contact form on my main website.

I’m not officially opening Tiger Club for August, but please do ask if you’d like in, I do have a few spots available. Enjoy the last of summer!

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