Sunkissed Lavender and Cecropia Moth – August and September 2023 Tiger Clubs

August Tiger Club pulled hard at the wish for fall, with rich warm colors before the light starts fading. Sunkissed Lavender explores warm sunny yellow to orangy gold, and pink-purples from pale to deep.

Sunkissed Lavender TTT Sock TC Aug 2023

Titanium Tiger Twist shows of the colors beautifully, dyed in down and back for each color family. This could be fun for planned pooling (2 ply is great for lace), faux ikat, or it should mini-spiral stripe on socks depending on your stitch count/pattern. I really wanted to have a swatch for you with this reveal, which is why it’s a month late. It’ll be coming sometime, I’m itching to knit up some socks with cool weather.

Sunkissed Lavender Falkland TC Aug 2023

When I have some pale, yet intense colors to dye, my go-to is Falkland. This beautiful medium wool just sings with color, and is a very versatile wool. I think this could be fun spun as is and ply from the ends to marl the two colors together, or split and rearrange to make your own alternating gradient for a shawl or cowl.

Late Night Visitor

I have a folder of color inspiration photos, and this moth is the one I chose for September. Curious, I did a reverse image search on this, and discovered this Cecropia Moth has been color shifted. The natural colors of this moth are orange, black, grey, and tan. You can see I was undeterred!

Cecropia Moth Kryton Sock TC Sept 2023

Krypton is our yarn for September, it’s a new one for us. It’s a 3 ply, but fairly crisp so it leans to the look of the TTT we had last month, but softer….not just in a bit of twist, but also it is fine 19.5 micron merino. This will be super soft for more sensitive next to skin, like a cowl or scarf, wristlets, or baby items. It’s still got a good dose of nylon in there for sturdiness. I do have an extra skein of this, and can dye a few more upon request. I coiled the yarn and then did a pour over of the colors, flipped and repeated, allowing the yarn to be its own resist for the cream areas. Each skein is unique, and should randomize somewhat across the skein. To even that out, you may wish to alternate rows from opposite ends of the skein, or embrace how it changes.

Cecropia Moth Rambouillet TC Sept 2023

Our fiber is Rambouillet, still my fav fiber as it is soft but has a good amount of body and bounce. I also coiled each pound of fiber and dyed it in wedges, allowing it to resist for the cream bits. The color sections will be smaller and more blended at one end, and longer and more distinct at the other. Split lengthwise for a 2 ply, or chain ply it…..or choose a coordinating solid to ply with to stretch it out.

Interested in joining the fun? There are openings in all variations of our Sock and Fiber Tiger Clubs, now through October 15th!

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