Blue Spruce and Java – November 2020 Tiger Club

This December calls for strong measures. Fresh scents of evergreen and strong coffee. I brightened the greens in this to make the overall effect a little more cheerful, and dubbed the two greens ‘Blue Spruce’ since I used some of every blue dye color I have to make them. Our ‘Java’ (or chocolate?) got some cream and sugar, and I was ready for some dyeing.

Blue Spruce and Java Finn Humbug - Nov 2020 Tiger Club

Our wool is what led me to look for a brown something inspiration. This Finn Humbug is natural white and natural tan wool that is then combed together only once or twice to leave strong streaks of each color. You can see the natural colors at one point in the variegated pattern. Finn sheep are not real large, and tend to have ‘litters’ of lambs, often 3-4 rather than the more normal singles and twins of other sheep. You can learn more about the breed from the FinnSheep Breeders Association. The wool is medium, so best for outerwear, or are great in felting projects. If you’d like to keep the marl throughout, I’d suggest pulling off sections and spinning semi-woolen from the fold. You can also spin worsted from the end, as you spin across you’ll get areas of the overdyed white and overdyed brown, which will also be interesting. And of course, if you don’t like the way I’ve put the colors on the fiber….rearrange it!

Blue Spruce and Java Safari - Nov 2020 Tiger Club

I had a lot of fun coming up with this striping pattern, and I really love how it turned out….bold areas of the two greens of the Blue Spruce, and an equally bold section of Java, cream, and sugar. The yarn is Safari, a sturdy blend of 75% Superwash Corriedale Wool and 25% Nylon. Most of my personal socks are made of this base, and I’ve yet to wear a pair out. Once knit up and washed, the yarn plumps up nicely and lends a great cush to the foot, and soft warmth. The sample above is a 64 stitch tube, at about 8 stitches per inch. The kettle dyed variations in the breen and tan sections really lend movement to the pattern, and are nice and random to keep your interest through the knitting to see how the next section will turn out.

December’s Tiger Club will be closing early on December 10, I have one sock spot left open. I’m planning to dye and ship early so I can enjoy some days off with my family, then dive into everything in my studio to take inventory. I hope you will find creative ways to make your season as merry and bright as possible this year.

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Globe Thistle – October 2020 Tiger Club

My inspiration for October was this fabulously textural Globe Thistle. The results are a little more loosely ‘inspired by’ than I usually do, but I got to use some techniques I haven’t done in a while, and the results are definitely interesting.

Our Fiber is Rambouillet, also known as French Merino. If you’d like to read more about the breed, click here. This is probably my favorite of the Merino type wools, it has a nice staple length and incredible bounce. I used an impressionistic painting method of dye application on this, concentrating the dark colors more at one end and adding more light toward the other end….putting in the purple globes as in the picture.

Globe Thistle Rambouillet Oct 2020

I actually tried including two other dark colors in the first batch, and decided it was too much. However, it made a great opportunity to send coordinating braids to (most of) the double fiber folk. Here are the two together:

Globe Thistle Rambouillet Oct 2020 2

The yarn this month is USA grown and processed Targhee. Read more about the Targhee breed here. Targhee is my second favorite of the Merino type breeds, it also has a very lofty bounce to it, and a great staple length. Superwash treated and blended with a bit of nylon for extra strength, and this makes a great sock yarn that is also good for other cold weather items like cowls and mittens.

Globe Thistle Targhee Sock Oct 2020

I won’t do speckles with powders due to the respiratory risks, so I often like to experiment with how to get similar effects. There’s a lot of blending going on, so it isn’t sharp and tiny, but more like a Monet painting. I layered on the greens, blues, gold, coral, and purple colors multiple times…..when using this technique on superwash yarn, the yarn has 4 sides to paint!!

Globe Thistle Targhee Sock Oct 2020 2

Here’s the skein I got to keep this month (yay for cone ends!), and I spent a little time making a swatch to give you an idea of how this might knit up. My tube is 64 stitches around, and there are two different gauges. The top half is at about 8 stitches per inch, and you can see a stronger green pooling stripe. The bottom half is about 9 stitches per inch, and the striping/pooling effect is not very strong.

Globe Thistle Targhee Sock Oct 2020 3

Each skein is going to come out a bit different because of shifting while being painted and flipped and painted and flipped, so you might like to swatch before deciding on your sock pattern, also. Any change in stitch number, gauge, and pattern will affect the patterning. I like the look of the stronger green stripe, however I like the sturdiness of the fabric in the tighter gauge, so I will experiment further with using the tighter gauge but adding two stitches and see what happens.

Are you interesting in having a surprise each month? I have several sock spots, and finally some new fiber spots open! Come check out Tiger Club….try for a month, stay as long as you like.

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Golden Oak – September 2020 Tiger Club

I knew by the time this club arrived that the trees would start turning here, and I was right, we are getting gorgeous colors! Our neighborhood is full of sturdy oak trees, in fact these trees did great in the Derecho, while many maples did not fare as well (and on the day of shipping this club, one finally succumbed to its damage and took out our power for a few hours). I used this inspiration photo, but pulled my own color palette from it, focusing on the gold as well as the golden brown, and pulling in some of the grey to play off the gold and dark chocolate brown.

The yarn is ever favorite Journey, a beautifully smooth 4 ply sock weight with a nice amount of twist, in a Superwash Merino and Nylon blend. I hand painted the colors on this as a palindrome, so if you are interested in trying faux ikat on your loom, or knitting something that does planned pooling, this is your skein!

Golden Oak Sept TC Journey Shetland

The wool is Shetland, a great medium wool perfect for plenty of projects that require a bit of softness, but also will take some wear. I dyed a blended gradient with this, but remember that you decide what the color will do in your yarn, so tear it up and do what you want! Shetland does great worsted or woolen, so smooth it down into worsted if you want to make something drapey, or try carding or blending board to make rolag, or even just fauxlags or spinning from the fold to get a semi-woolen yarn.

I have a few spots in the October Tiger Sock Yarn Club open if you’d like to join the fun. I will expanding the fiber club starting in November, so if you’ve been interested in that, please check back on November 1. I hope the weather is fine in your neck of the woods, we are hoping to get the kayaks out today for one final hurrah.

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Deep Flora – August 2020 Tiger Club

After a few hot weeks, we’ve settled into drizzle and cold…and are back in the routines of school and work. These hues of lavender and navy and gold lean fall for me, I enjoyed tweaking the suggested hues to make the greige a little more sage, and made a bit more pop with pink undertones in the purple.

Deep Flora MCN 100 TC Aug 2020

The yarn is MCN 100, the cashmere toning it a bit cream which helped with the warm feeling of this yarn. It’s low immersion pour dyed, so there is a fair amount of variation between skeins where each created a resist for itself. It’s regular enough to make spiral stripes, with enough variation to keep it interesting. You could have fun trying a planned pooling project, or do a faux ikat on your rigid heddle loom. I think mine will become socks, as I’m wanting a number of new pairs. To that end, I did some swatching.

Deep Flora Swatch variations

This is all the same number of stitches around, 64. I started at tension 7 on my Brother 930 knitting machine, which gave me about 7 stitches per inch, then decreased to tension 6 and finally to 5. I like to knit socks as tight as they will comfortably knit as they will last longer. I’m pretty happy with the size and hand of the tube at this tension, and the patterning is much more stripe-like than spiral. Experiment with your gauge, stitch number, and pattern to find what makes the yarn do something you find pleasing.

Deep Flora SW BFL TC Aug 2020

The fiber for August is Superwash BFL. I knew it would take these deep colors well, and play nice with the contrast colors next to each other. I dyed this ‘there and back’ in a variegated pattern. Feel free to tear it up and spin them in the order that makes you happy.

Join the fun! I have one Fiber Club spot, and a few Sock Club spots open through September 15th.

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Misty Mountain Morning Gradient – July 2020 Tiger Club

Misty Mountain Morning. The picture is captivating, and I was amused that there was already a yarn palette attached to it. I wanted to do a little something special for July, between 2020 being what it has been, and school starting soon, I wanted to be sure I had a little extra time to make this one. While I kept fairly true to the yarn examples, I blue-d up the teal and aspen a bit, and left out the saffron, letting the blending between the yellow and copper colors fill in that spot.

Misty Mountain Morning - Glitz - July 2020 TC

For fiber, I used Glitz, a blend of 70% Merino wool and 30% Firestar (trilobal nylon). The Firestar is pre-dyed in rainbow colors and blended with the merino. It gives the normally white wool a kind of silvery grey cast that makes the dyeing come out with a lot of depth. I love how it shifted the colors, and the bits of glitz are nice and not overwhelming. If you find one fiber or the other pulling out of your hand unevenly, I’d suggest spinning from the fold, or to make faux or real rolags.


The yarn is one I’ve been wanting to try for a while, and it was finally in stock when I was making an order. Shimmer is a blend of 80% Superwash BFL and 20% Firestar. I couldn’t quite catch the bit of subtle shimmer the firestar gives the yarn in the picture. The yarn runs about 430 yards for 100 grams. I dyed a gradient through the colors on this, in a fade kind of blending. This will be fun for a fall shawl, cowl, scarf, or other such project.

Misty Mountain Morning - Shimmer - July 2020 TC

My apologies for not getting reveal up sooner, between waiting for the USPS to deliver club, and then the Derecho knocking power out for a few days (we’re fine, our house is a little beat up, nothing major), it’s been another typical month of 2020!

Want to join Tiger Club? I have a few Sock spots open through August 15th!

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Beach Glass – June 2020 Tiger Club

It’s been hot here the past week or so, and makes me long for sugar sand and a day beach combing for shells and beach glass. I took these three colors, a soft blue, green, and amber, and had some fun with two very different bases for very different results.

Beach Glass June 2020 Panda

Panda (a blend of SW Merino, Bamboo Rayon, and Nylon) has a great subtle sheen, and a tendency toward pastels, which was perfect for the colors I wanted. I applied the colors randomly, then smooshed to blend before heat setting. The colors continued to migrate, giving the skeins an over all sea-green look, but up close you can see the subtle blue, green, and amber….and even some bright flecks where the fluorescent yellow split from its blend.

Our wool is Perendale. The breed was created in New Zealand for hilly country, and is a cross of Romney and Cheviot, making a sturdy meat sheep that also has nice springy and crisp medium wool with a longer staple length. This wool will be great for socks, mitts, and other items that need to stand up to a bit of wear. Spin worsted for very sturdy, woolen if you want some loft in your final yarn.

Beach Glass June 2020 Perendale

For the fiber, I layed the wool down in short repeats and applied each color, again smooshing to blend. I really had fun seeing the new colors emerge as the amber broke into yellows and pinks, and the green blended with the blue.

I’m gearing up for July’s club! I have several yarn spots available, and one fiber spot, grab yours before they are gone! The Painted Tiger Sock and Fiber Clubs of the Month

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Ravelry – A warning about the ‘new rav’.

A week ago, Ravelry rolled out a site make-over. Since then, there have been reports of a number of issues experienced by users, ranging from eye-strain to nausea to migraines to seizures. If you are prone to the more serious of these symptoms, I would exercise care in visiting Ravelry, even the new log-in page animation is causing issues for people. TPTB are working on fixing the issues, but the new design is still problematic for some. With Rav sticking with the new design as default, I felt the need for this warning.

There are a few options to work around the new design:

1) Internet Explorer seems unaffected by the change. So far this is working for some.

2) If you don’t mind staying logged in so you don’t see the opening animation, have someone do that for you, then have them click on your Ravatar in the far right, and select Classic. This will get you close to the original look, although users are complaining of broken things, and some font adjustments that may be related to Chrome or Edge updates. If you purchase a pattern, there is another animation of bouncing yarn balls that is causing issues for some.

3) Rav user EVM has developed a Stylish theme to bring back the Green ravelry look, it works with a few different plug-ins and browsers. You can find her theme here. It does take care of the login page animation, I’m not sure on the zippy Bob right after, nor the yarn balls when purchasing a pattern….she is continually updating it and taking suggestions. Check the theme notes on the link above. She also has more information in a Ravelry Project (<–link to Rav) , but of course you must be on Rav to view it.

Be careful and stay safe, friends.

Updates as of 6/25/20:

The login screen balloon animation has been stilled, but Bob and the rainbow will still race across. Once you’ve switched to Classic, you’ll get the old login screen, no animations.

Classic Rav is default now, however if you’ve been on NuRav, you may need to change it to Classic.

Your choice of version is stored in your cookies. If you have agressive cookie deleting on your browser, or change devices, you may have to select Classic again. Some people are reporting issues if they switch functions, like from Forums to Patterns.

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Cream Legbar Rooster – May 2020 Tiger Club

It was time for something completely different, and this handsome fellow was just the subject for the job. To add to the ‘something different’, I dyed this on two different merino treatments…one superwash yarn, and one 21 micron merino…non-superwash, for strikingly different effects.

Cream Legbar Rooster May 2020 21 Micron Merino

The 21 micron Merino is super cottony soft, tons of fine fibers that just slurp up dye and disperses light to give a matte look. I dyed this in a variegated pattern. Think about how you want the colors to spin out….do you want longer stretches of each for a stripe? Plan for a single, or strip it down in half lengthwise for a 2 ply, and spin across the top to keep each color together for longer. Want to mix it up more? Strip the pieces even thinner and do a true 3 ply, starting each at a different spot so more colors will line up at once. Or tear it all up and pull random bits out to spin from the fold! So many options.

Cream Legbar Rooster May 2020 Titanium

Our Superwash Merino Nylon Titanium yarn is a bird of a different feather…..this yarn lets dye strike hard and bright, perfect for speckles (and hey, that rooster has some!). This colorway required a multistep process…I dip dyed the base cream color, then wet sprinkled the yarn on ‘all sides’ in a hot pan to get great speckling, then finally added the red cockscomb stripe in the middle……and then heat set the whole thing.

Cream Legbar swatch

Here’s an example of how it may knit up, a clubber made this infinity scarf on her circular sock machine, it’s a tube of 60 stitches…..depending on the number of stitches you use for socks, your red streak will turn out differently. I hope you’ll share what you make!

Want to join the fun? I do have a few sock yarn spots still open through June 15th!

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Lavender on the Mountain – April Tiger Club 2020

Knowing that I was going to make a self-striping yarn this month, I looked for a color palette that wouldn’t play nice as a variegated yarn. The deep pink-purple of the heather against the vibrant greens would invite muddy brown colors if all in one pot, but are marvelous when kept together-apart. (A nod to the current times? I didn’t mean it that way!) I also enjoyed playing with one of my new blue dyes, combining it with my other blues made a very pretty clear sky blue.

Lavender on the Mountain April 2020 TC Safari

Our yarn is Safari, a 75/25 blend of Superwash Corriedale and Nylon. Most of my personal socks are made from this yarn, it fluffs out nice and cushy after a wash, and they wear like iron. The swatch shown here is a 64 stitch tube, about 7-8 stitches per inch. The stripes of blue, purple, and green are all about 4-5 rows, with thin 2 row stripes of grey and spring green. I really love how this turned out, and plan to give it a run in the shop when it comes off the exclusive club period (hey, I want one!!).

Lavender on the Mountain April 2020 TC SW Corrie

It’s always nice to have a similar fiber to the yarn so that the colors come out similar, and I was lucky enough to have a supply of Superwash Corriedale on hand. The superwash process knocks off and smooths the scales, so while this fiber is a little coarser than merino or BFL, it feels softer than non-superwash does. It also loves the dye, as you can see from the bright colors on this wool. As always, bend these colors to your will…..I enjoy seeing the creativity of spinners!

You may also notice the new logo. I’m not sure this will be the final iteration, my daughter designed this, and wants to work on it and another possible design once she’s finished with her college semester. I liked my original orange tomcat, but it is time for an update.

Interested in getting yarn and/or fiber delivered to your door each month? Tiger Club is open through Friday, May 15th, and I have both sock and fiber spots available.

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Tropical Pop – March Tiger Club Reveal

In February, I told you about some new dye colors I purchased. Well, I really wanted to let them shine by themselves, so March Club was all about mixing my new Fluorescent Yellow with Fluorescent Pink (that really leans toward violet). The fun thing with dye mixing is that it doesn’t seem to always make sense to those of us schooled in making color wheels with opaque pigment paints. These two colors together in the right proportions make a great fiery red!

While it is exciting to have the bright (!!!!) colors (and I think these should black light react, too…..not going to try to find one right now, though!!) it does come with a drawback. These are NOT as wash and colorfast as my regular Lanaset dyes. You’ll note that I hand wrote in on the tags that it may bleed. I did rinse them clear in our water, but yours may get that pink bleeding again. I suggest you hand wash whatever you make in cool water, pH neutral wool wash (or shampoo) with a splash of vinegar, and don’t let it soak….just wash it and get it out again. That will keep the colors bright as long as possible.

Tropical Pop Falkland March 2020 Tiger Club

Our wool this month is my favorite for bright colors….nice white Falkland. It’s a wool pool of corriedale, merino, and other similar breeds, chosen specifically for whiter fleece. It’s a nice medium micron, which can be ok for next to the skin for some. This would make a really fun hat or cowl. I do have two extra braids if clubbers would like some more.

Tropical Pop Journey March 2020 Tiger Club

Journey Sock Yarn is a favorite around here for being a nice blend of Merino and Nylon, and a nice smooth 4 ply that takes color great! I dyed this as a there-and-back gradient, which should either mini-stripe or pool depending on your pattern and gauge.

Interested in trying Tiger Club? Subscriptions are monthly, so there’s no big up-front commitment. Stop by, I have one more spot in Fiber Club and several openings for Sock Club.

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