Time Marches On – December 2018 Tiger Club

2018 Tiger Club came to an end with “Time Marches On”. This inspiration picture brings to mind the battle between man and nature, the deep red faded into coral, the green/blue/grey lichen creeping across the face and chipping away at it.

Our fiber this month is a blend of Superwash BFL and Nylon. I dyed it in a back and forth short color method to encourage blending and barber-poling. If that isn’t what you want, you can divide the colors out, or strip the top down thinner to help preserve the colors as dyed.

Time Marches On - Dec 2018 Tiger Club - SW BFL Nylon

For the sock yarn, I didn’t want to jumble these disparate colors all together. Fortunately, I had another option….mini skeins! I dyed sets of 5, which are equal to one full skein of our Journey sock yarn. So, you can stripe socks however you like, or use it for one of the popular shawl, cowl, blanket, or other project in the mini craze! They can also be useful as heel/toes/cuffs to stretch yarn for larger socks….the blue and grey would go well with last January’s “Shards”, and the Coral could go with Dotty Daisy from May. If you don’t mind mixing base yarns, the red could go with Jelly from February. I’m sure you have other things in your stash, as well. If you need a coordinating skein (either solid, or variegated), I’m happy to custom dye it for you.

Time Marches On - Dec 2018 Tiger Club - Journey Mini Skein Set

I’m truly lucky to have all of you to dye for, and I look forward to a new year of color and wool in 2019! Want to join the fun? We have openings in all clubs.

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Receding Twilight – November 2018 Tiger Club

Power Line Tower

Every year, I like to stretch my club budget and send something a little extravagant.  This year, it’s November.  One of my favorite subjects for dyeing is Twilight…either that bit between dark and dawn, or day and dusk.  Each one is a beautiful and unique masterpiece.  I took the coral (hey, 2019 color of the year!!), blended it into dusty pink, lavender, deeper violet, and finally into shades of blue….seven distinct colors in all, with blending at each transition.


The yarn this month is Silky Soft, a beautiful 85/15% blend of fine 19.5 micron merino yarn and mulberry silk.  The two ply structure makes it perfect for lace patterns.  This is NOT superwash, so do hand wash.  I love the subtle sheen the silk gives this, and the yarn is so soft.


I specially wound this yarn, then dyed it across.  The method is not exact and results in a nice painted look when knitted or woven, as the colors will go back and forth at the transitions.


I’m very happy with how these turned out, and I’m looking forward to bringing more colors on this yarn in this dyeing style to the shop in the new year.


Even dyers have stash, and our fiber this month came from a special I purchased and used for club in 2014(!), and it has been waiting for the right time to come out again.  The fiber is gorgeous, and now I wish I could get more!  The blend is 50/30/20% Alpaca, Merino, and Silk.  This is going to drape very nicely. 

I hope you enjoy your club, and if you’ve missed the fun….you can always hop on board!!  Tiger Club has various sock and fiber clubs open for new subscriptions through December 15th, after that it will open again on January 1.  Contact me about gift options, I’m happy to work with you!  

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Sunflowers – Tiger Club October 2018

It seems I wasn’t quite done with summer yet….so to bridge the gap I’ve created Sunflowers…..summer cheerful, with a touch of fall.

Sunflowers Cheviot Tiger Club Oct 2018

The fiber is Cheviot, a great medium wool.  It’ll make great outerwear like mittens….maybe divide up the colors and do some fair isle work!  Below is a Cheviot ewe and lamb.

Cheviot with Lamb


Sunflowers Safari Tiger Club Oct 2018

The yarn is Safari….it would make nice mittens, hat, scarf…..or socks!   It is made with Superwash Corriedale wool, I’ve pulled up a picture of the breed below.  The shorter color stretches and back and forth color patterning will pool differently than in-the-round dyeing patterns.

Corriedale Sheep @ Rokkosan Pasture

I’m moving on to a cool winter colorway in November.  Want to join us?  Sign up for Tiger Yarn and Fiber Clubs here.

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Great Pumpkin – September 2018 Tiger Club

ITS THE GREAT PUMPKIN!! #greatpumpkin #charliebrown #peanuts #linus #linusvanpelt #sally #itnevergetsold

As our minds turn from September to October….Halloween looms near. A beloved childhood memory is making sure we watched
“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” when it was broadcast every year. I took inspiration from the pumpkin oranges and greens, and the dark purple of the night sky to create “Great Pumpkin”.

Great Pumpkin - Sept 2018 Tiger Club - Shetland Wool Top

The fiber this month is a wool I often think of as a ‘fall fiber’ (I dunno why, I just do). Shetland is a great all around wool, great for learning to spin; and fabulous for socks, mittens, scarves, cowls, hats. I made a blended gradient of this, with 5 colors to make it a little more smooth. As always, please bend the wool to your will!

Great Pumpkin - Tiger Club Sept 2018 - Tweed Sock Yarn

Our sock yarn adds another dimension to our animated tale…the bits of donegal in Tiger Tweed puts the stars in the sky and lends to the overall fall vibe. I dip dyed these in the round, overlapping the colors. The longer color runs will overlap in the spiral and make some nice pooling and/or mini-stripes.

I do have a few spots open in all clubs, if you’d like to join the fun!

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Sparkle Gradients and Stripes – Fresh From the Dyepot

Just listed, several new colors of blended gradients on Sparkle sock yarn (92% SW Merino, 8% Lurex….very sparkly!). What is a blended gradient? I specially wind the yarn (NOT a knit blank, so no annoying kinks), then hand paint it, blending the colors at the transitions. When knit, the transitions are not sharp, but rather blur between, making a painterly look. I’ve included a pic of one of my shawls as an example of the effect.

I also have a self striping Christmas yarn on the same base.

All available at https://ThePaintedTiger.com!

Sparkle Sock Yarn, hand dyed in gradients and stripes

Hibiscus Shawl - Hand Dyed Blended Gradient - The Painted Tiger

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S’More, Please – August 2018 Tiger Club

Crisp fall is almost upon us (currently, we are experiencing Soggy Fall!), and it’s a great time to enjoy a campfire and a favorite sugar overload, S’mores.  I like my chocolate a little more melty, and peanut butter adds a nice salty counterpoint to the sweet, so I took club inspiration from this ooooey, goooey Grilled Peanut Butter S’mores recipe.

For the sock yarn, I spent some time with colored pencils and measuring tapes, estimating the length of a round of sock knitting, and figuring how I can get the chocolate and peanut butter and marshmallows to stack nicely in the variegated portion between the golden graham crackers of this self striping sock yarn. If you are curious, you can see the online calculator I used to get an idea of how it might look.  Here is an example of how it turned out:

S'More, Please - August 2018 Tiger Club - Safari sock yarn
S'More, Please - August 2018 Tiger Club - Safari Sock Yarn

This is a 64 stitch tube, about 7-8 stitches per inch.  I started at a tighter gauge the closed bottom of the sample, then loosened up a smidge as I went up….you can see it goes from barely pooling at all, to medium pooling, to very strong puddling.  There will be larger differences with a different number of stitches (plus these were dyed in batches, and each batch will vary somewhat).  So….your socks will come out uniquely, and if you don’t like the variegation you are getting, change something….a size larger or smaller needle, or add/subtract a stitch or two.  Adding a pattern to the stockinette will also change how it turns out.  The yarn itself is Safari, great for sturdy, long wearing socks.

S'More, Please - August 2018 Tiger Club - Superwash Corriedale Wool Combed TopOur wool this month is Superwash Corriedale. I don’t generally enjoy dyeing superwash, but I have to say that this one behaved marvelously, and I’m sad that it was a limited special….I’ll have to see if I can find a similar fiber elsewhere when I run out of my current bump.  Corrie is a great all-around fiber….fine enough for most next-to-the-skin use, yet sturdy for most applications, also….perfect for long wearing socks, mittens, cowls, etc.

Looking for a Sock and/or Fiber Club to join?  Tiger Club has openings in all clubs for September, stop by and check it out!

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Mountain Desert – July 2018 Tiger Club

Inspiration for July’s sock and fiber clubs came from this picture of a mountain desert.  I loved the interplay of the dark and light purples with the grey, and the contrast of the gold and red, plus the possibilities of blending between the colors.

Mountain Desert - Polwarth Wool Combed Top - July 2018 Tiger Club And that is how things played out on our Polwarth wool combed top.  I decided to keep the colors more distinct and in ‘order’, but allowing them to blend with each other in the transitions.  The dye method led to dark and light shades within each, much like the picture.  I love how the red and gold lend their warmth to the grey and purples which are traditionally cool colors.  The gradient style is very flexible….spin straight, split for plies, fractal, separate the colors and do your own thing…..it’s all here for you to decide how you want to use the colors of the palette.

Mountain Desert - Titanium Tiger Twist - July 2018 Tiger Sock Club

For the yarn, I’m introducing a ‘new’ yarn…Titanium Tiger Twist.  I’ve had a version of  Tiger Twist from my early days of dyeing, and while I love the string-of-pearls look of the 2 ply yarn, I’ve never been pleased with the yardage or the wear of it.  This new Titanium version takes care of those problems….each skein is about 460 yards, which should give you plenty for most sizes of adult socks.  The blend is 75% Superwash Merino, and 25% nylon, so while it is nice and soft, that nylon content means your hard work won’t wear through so quickly.  For the dyeing, I took a ‘controlled chaos’ approach to hand painting.  As expected, the superwash nature of the yarn made the colors bolder and more distinct, despite the dye being exactly the same as what was used on the fiber above.  Each skein was dyed approximately the same, however how the dye settled and blended is different in every single batch.  They are a cross between a variegated yarn and a more random speckle method….so if you see pooling, hang in there, it’ll change soon enough!

Would you like to join in the fun of Tiger Club?  I have openings in all the Clubs to begin in August.  Stop by and select the club that sings to you….try for as little as a month, or stay as long as you like.

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Made in the Shade – June 2018 Tiger Club

Every summer I like to create a color suitable for lace spinning and/or knitting. June came about somewhat serendipitously. When dyeing Annestown Beach (March Club), I really liked the idea of bright green against a dark background, and wanted to explore that. I also did a thorough clean out of my supply closet to sell on things that I didn’t want to dye, and found a lovely ball of the softest dark Alpaca, blended in streaks with silk. Was there enough of it for club? Yes!! I then did a little bit of image searching to narrow down a palette. I love this picture (Hostas?), so the gradient inspiration was established.

Next came out the colored pencils.  The colors aren’t accurate, this is the idea.  In the past, I’ve brute force mathed out the lengths of yarn needed, but this time I tried a spreadsheet a fellow dyer had made.  I wound the yarn and the amounts came out pretty accurately, so yay!

Made in the Shade - June 2018 Tiger Club

Here’s the finished yarn.  I went with Sumatran Tiger, which is 100% soft Superwash Merino yarn, 490 yards per 100 grams.  I can’t wait to see it knit up!

Made in the Shade - Sumatran Tiger Fingering Yarn - June 2018 Tiger Club

And here is that dark Alpaca with silk all dyed up.  It’s a luxury blend, so the portions are 2 oz this month.  Both of these fine micron fibers go far as a lace (or cobweb…or froghair) weight, but you could easily extend it with something else as your second ply if you like.

Made in the Shade - Alpaca Silk Combed Top - June 2018 Tiger Club

As always, I enjoyed the process, and I hope club members enjoy creating with the palette I’ve made.  If you’d like to join in, I do have a couple of fiber spots open for July Club.

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Yakkity Yak – Shop Update!

Introducing  Yakkity Yak, a luxurious blend of 70% Superwash Merino, 20% Yak Down, and 10% Nylon. It’s kitten soft (ok, Yak soft…but I don’t pet many yak), yet with the nylon you can expect your knit or crochet project to last a while. I had a lot of fun dyeing these in a random speckle dye style.

Here’s the full collection for this week:

And the ‘hero shots’…..

Dove Yakkity Yak

Dove on Yakkity Yak

Its Not Easy to Turn Green Yakkity Yak

It’s Not Easy to Turn Green on Yakkity Yak Sock yarn

CMY Party Yakkity Yak

CMY Party on Yakkity Yak

Black Tulip Yakkity Yak

Black Tulip on Yakkity Yak Luxury Sock Yarn

Out of the Deep Yakkity Yak

Out of the Deep Hand Dyed on Yakkity Yak Sock Yarn

Click your favorite to go right to the listing, or view the whole collection in the shop!

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Dotty Daisy – May 2018 Tiger Club

What a change a month makes…we were just shoveling snow, and now we are dealing with the streets heaving from the heat! A nice transition from spring to summer colors is this pretty Gerbera Daisy. Golden yellow, two shades of peach, some coral (or salmon if you prefer), and scarlet red.

Dotty Daisy SW Targhee Wool - May 2018 Tiger Club

For the fiber, I wanted to experiment with speckling, and wanted the fun contrast of crisp bright colors on the fiber which would soften and blend when spun. I chose Superwash Targhee, which I love for being grown and processed here in the USA. Superwash eats color for breakfast and asks for more, so I enjoyed layering on the speckles and just letting it do its thing.

Dotty Daisy Journey Sock Yarn - May 2018 Tiger Club

For yarn, I wanted a softer look, so I went back to an old dye method I used a lot when I did OOAK’s….I like to call it the ‘starfish method’. This let me put gentle suggestions of the colors as a base layer, then add sprinkles of the full strength bold colors on top. Each skein is different, and it will be a lot of fun to see what club members make with it. If any of you want a semi-solid (or set of minis) of any of the colors to go with, let me know!

Tiger Club is open for new fiber subscriptions now, if you are interested in Sock Club or a combination of Sock and Fiber, do contact me to be on the waiting list.

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