Jelly – February 2018 Tiger Club

Some months, I just know what I want for colors, but still need to tie it together with a name and an ‘inspiration’ picture…..and this month I was stumped. I wanted to play with vivid colors of Violet, Magenta, and Scarlet, and I think it came out really bright and fun. After some image searching, this creatively lit jellyfish picture came up. Maybe jealousy is often thought of as green, but my ‘Jelly’ is passionate about it, and that calls for red! I couldn’t pass on the play on words, so there we have it!
Jelly - February 2018 Tiger Club - SW BFL

The wool used this month is Superwash BFL. It’s a bit longer in staple, so do get your hands a bit further apart for spinning. The superwash can make it slippery, so if you are having trouble I would suggest spinning from the fold.

Jelly - February 2018 Tiger Club - Silky Sock

The yarn is Silky Sock, a blend of Superwash Merino and Tussah Silk. It is just right for socks, as remember nylon was created to be a cheap replacement for silk. It would also be great in a fun shawlette, cowl, scarf, or hat. Or combine it with some other yarn for a fade!

Tiger Club has a few limited spots open for March club, which I will start dyeing on the 15th. Sign up now and join the fun!

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Fiber Friday Shop Update!

First off today, I have a few batches of lovely Polwarth fiber.  You can see some of our fiber in the Winter Spin Off (and Interweave Blog), the article by Devin Helmen about Spindle Spun Socks!  The color used was Lily Pads.

Lily Pads - Polwarth
Rugged Polwarth
Peacock Polwarth
Jeweled Polwarth
CMY Party Polwarth
Blended Rainbow Polwarth
Shocking Polwarth

I also have some sock yarn for you!
Twenty Below Sparkle
Tiger on SafariGrand Old Flag Journey
seaside sunrise sumatran tiger

All are available for immediate shipping, check out our ‘New Items’ section!

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Shards – January 2018 Tiger Club

January this year was one of the coldest in recent years, and when I saw this picture of mineral crystals, I thought it a fitting theme for Tiger Club. The pale blue is positively icy, and the accents of two deep teals, plus a tan and brown keep the whole interesting.

Shards - January 2018 Tiger Club - Falkland Combed Top

Our wool is warm and cozy Falkland. In this case, Falkland isn’t a breed, but a location…..fleeces that go into the Falkland Island wool pool are chosen for whiteness and fineness, and is generally in the range of Corriedale. It’s a very nice all around wool, and this batch is especially nice. I dyed this in a layered back and forth, with the darker colors added randomly and the center pale blue added around them and allowed to blend. It makes a very soft look. It really is random, so go with the mottled look when spinning.

Shards - January 2018 Tiger Club - Journey Sock Yarn

Our yarn is Journey, a 4ply sock yarn of Merino and Nylon, at 460 yards per 4 oz. I chose a different path for this yarn, making the colors sharp by sprinkling, setting the colors, then over-dyeing with the pale blue. There’s a twist to the yarn, though… is actually subtly striped. I’ve never been thrilled with trying to randomize on a regular sized skein, the randomness just tends to stay a bit too orderly. So I wound this yarn into a two stripes, each making a stripe of 4-5 rows. I speckled one half with the dark blue and brown, and the other with the two lighter colors. I feel this accomplished a more random look, and I’m pretty happy with it. Here’s the same picture, but showing the approximate stripes. Each batch will be a bit different, but this is the general effect.  The sample is a 64 stitch tube.

Shards - January 2018 Tiger Club - Journey Sock Yarn

Want to join in the fun?  Tiger Club has a few spots open for February.  You can find out details and options on our Club page in the shop.

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Although I’ve been pretty busy with life in general, I have been working on a couple of projects. The latest is when I took this Tiger Club fiber and took it for a spin on my Flat Iron.
Red Meets CMY - NE Fine Grey Combed Sliver - September 2017 Tiger Club
I made a true 3 ply, dividing the fiber roughly into color congruent thirds, but not really minding how the colors lined up in the final product. I’m pleased. This will probably become a hat for someone.
Red Meets CMY Hand Spun New England Fine Gray Wool

My longer term projects has been a hoodie sweater from the book Big Knits, Big Needles by Hanna Charlotte Erhorn. Usually chunky doesn’t appeal to me much, but I liked several of the projects, and I’m a sucker for outerwear….so here we are.

My yarn for this project is Bollicine Victor in a nice neutral tan. I bought it to learn to knit and make an Einstein Coat. Pfft. Here’s the ‘skirt’ of that coat in its garter stitch glory… way would I want to put that unevenness sideways. So it has been marinating in the stash since 2008!
Hoodie Sweater Project
Hoodie Sweater Project

I’ve been working the bottom of the new sweater with the balls of yarn I hadn’t used yet, but I’m nearly through all that, and need to split for the fronts and back (which I’m going to do all on one circular, instead of knitting each part separately….I’m more likely to keep an evenly uneven gauge that way!!). So we have yarn fusilli….there was much satisfaction in ripping this out.
Hoodie Sweater Project

A hot bath, a dry, and a quick spin on my new TUG cake winder, and I’m back in business.  It isn’t quite the gauge called for in the pattern, but there’s a schematic with measurements, so I think it will work out ok.  (No, I don’t follow recipes, either.) Hoodie Sweater Project
I am thinking at this point that I should have maybe over dyed the yarn so the uneven large stitches (some of it is me, some from overlapping the joins, as this yarn is frustratingly short with lots of knots) could hide in some variations. Ah well, it doesn’t need to be perfect. Plus perhaps an excuse to make another one in hand spun.  I have more than 4 pounds of that New England Fine Grey!!
Hoodie Sweater Project

And here is my full progress, with a picture of the final sweater.  Hrm, that looks a bit confusing, it’s knit from the bottom up, so that’s the bottom hem.
Hoodie Sweater Project

I hope you are enjoying a project this weekend, I’m debating if I will take the sweater, or cast on a hat with the new red handspun for the Superbowl party.

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Happy Golden Days of Yore – December 2017 Tiger Club

December, a time of getting together with family and friends; enjoying and making memories.  I wanted to give a nod to the season without using the stereotypical colors, and I think this picture fit the bill nicely.  I didn’t want the orange, as that leans the colors toward fall, so I swapped it for the warm gold of the lights.  Listening to Christmas radio brought the line I used for the color name from ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’, and it was perfect.

Happy Golden Days of Yore - December 2017 Tiger Club - Silky Soft Fingering Yarn

Our yarn is a new one, Silky Soft.  It’s a blend of 85% 19.5 micron Merino and 15% mulberry silk.  The skein comes in at a generous 490 yards, hovering between lace and sock weight, making it perfect for shawls or other lace work.  It also is 2 ply, which will help your lace holes stay open.  For this colorway, I created a long blended gradient.  Each color was allowed to overlap and blend into the next, so you will have areas of solid and areas of variegation.  It’s a cool effect, and I look forward to seeing Clubber’s projects!

Here’s a skein of the gradient laid out to show the color changes.
Happy Golden Days of Yore - December 2017 Tiger Club

The combed top this month was a lucky special I managed to grab (and I’ll be looking to see if I can grab some more!!) It is a blend of 80% USA Targhee, 10% Rayon Bamboo, and 10% Mulberry Silk. The blending was not complete, leaving ribbons of silk and bamboo to shine on this top, making a lovely effect. I’d suggest spinning from the fold to keep these fibers together.

Happy Golden Days of Yore - December 2017 Tiger Club - Targhee/Bamboo/Silk Combed Top 80/10/10

Sock Club has been filling up fast, but I do still have a couple of spots, plus some fiber spots.  If you’ve been looking for a club to stretch you into colors, dye methods, and fibers that you may not normally use, please join us!  Sign ups continue through January 15, or when the clubs are full.

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Sleeping Beauty – November 2017 Tiger Club

I really had a lot of fun with Tiger Club this month. Some of my dyeing made it into Spin Off magazine (Winter 2017, article by Devin Helman), and the wool happened to be Polwarth. I love the wool, but hadn’t really used it recently since I could get US grown Targhee, which is fairly similar fiber. I got a chance to try a new source for fiber, though….and they had Polwarth sourced from the Falklands….it is super white, and since there are no natural sheep pests in the islands the wool is pesticide free. I decided to use bright clear colors to show off the whiteness, and threw in black for contrast. It reminded me of the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty….the ever changing color of Aurora’s dress, and the brooding black evil of Maleficent. The fiber made its own resist when packed into a dyeing pan, creating great shades of the colors.

Sleeping Beauty - Tiger Club November 2017 - Polwarth

For the yarn, I decided the best counterpart to the Polwarth would be Journey. It is also bright white, and has a great structure of 4 ply, and the superwash qualities will slurp up the bright colors. I wanted to experiment with some ‘messier’ dyeing techniques, as speckles and ‘imperfect’ color are the in-thing right now. A hot pour later, and I got this….I think it is a lot of fun, and I look forward to seeing how it turns out in projects!

Sleeping Beauty - Tiger Club November 2017 - Journey Sock Yarn

Are you interested in joining the fun?  Technically Tiger Club is closed for December, but drop me a line in the next couple of days and I could squeeze you in.  Otherwise, Tiger Club will open again on January 2.  I hope you all have a lovely Holiday season!

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Shop Update – New England Grey Carded Sliver

Long draw fans, do I have a treat for you…..this domestic wool from small farms in New England, scoured, carded, and pulled into sliver. So fun to spin into bouncy lofty yarn, and the natural oatmeal color adds a great depth to the colors.

Sunrise NE Fine Grey Sliver
Peacock NE Fine Grey Roving
Jeweled NE Fine Grey Roving
Black Tulips NE Fine Grey Sliver
Autumns Breath NE Fine Grey Sliver
Autumn Maple NE Fine Gray Roving
Verdigris NE Fine Grey Sliver

These do contain some VM (vegetable matter such as hay….sheep gotta eat!), and some neps and noils from the shearing and minimal processing.  Most of the VM falls out when spinning, and the rest plus neps can be either pulled out easily, or left in for a charming rustic texture.  You can see my assessment and spinning of this wool here.

You can find all these New England Carded Slivers at


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Purple Mountain Majesty – October 2017 Tiger Club

Purple Mountain

America the Beautiful, from sea to shining sea there is a lot of beauty here.  October’s Tiger Club is a fantasy on the song, I made a rich purple mountain majesty color, and some amber waves of grain, and mixed them up with rich pine forests and clear teal blue sky.

Purple Mountain Majesty - October 2017 Tiger Club - Targhee Sock Yarn

The perfect yarn for this month is Targhee Sock.  Targhee is a breed that was developed in the United States specifically for the conditions in our Western states.  It’s part Merino, so has that soft hand you are used to in a sock yarn, but it’s a bit more durable as each fiber is a bit thicker and longer.  It’s blended with nylon, has a good hosiery twist, and 4 plies.  Another benefit of the superwash Targhee is how it takes color…..yum.  I did a hot pour technique on these, to allow the colors to mingle and break.  They just turned out great, I think!  The long blocks of color should make a swirling stripe on socks, or try your hand at Planned Pooling in the Round…..or Faux Ikat on your loom!

Purple Mountain Majesty - October 2017 Tiger Club - Targhee Sock Yarn

Wensleydale is really tops for shine, so it was an obvious choice for these colors.  It’s dyed in the round, so the colors stay in order (unless you have an 8oz braid, those switch in the middle).  I kept the color segments long so you should have less mud, but you still make like to strip this down before spinning for clarity.  Or take the whole thing apart and re-organize it how you like….you are boss of your fiber!  Keep your hands further apart for this long stapled wool, and try a soft spin and use the ply to add structure for a beautiful lace yarn, or get daring and try boucle.

Purple Mountain Majesty - October 2017 Tiger Club - Wensleydale Wool Combed Top

If you want in the fun, Tiger Club will be open through November 15th.  Due to the Holidays, Tiger Club will not open in December so that I can dye and ship ahead.  So join now, or wait until January!  I can arrange gift memberships, just use the contact form on the website.  Thanks!!!

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Spinning with Fine Grey New England Sliver

For September’s Tiger Club, I used a new fiber, Fine Grey New England Sliver. This is a different type of preparation than I usually dye, so I thought I would take a bit to write about it.

NE Fine Grey Sliver

Commonly available to dyers is a prep called ‘Combed Top’. This is actually a preliminary step to machine spinning yarn. The wool is washed, carded, combed, and gilled. In the process, the fibers are aligned, and often the crimp is steam pressed away so the fibers are smooth and will flow through the spinners more easily and consistently to make a worsted style yarn. This doesn’t necessarily make a great prep for hand spinning, especially if you want to make a woolen yarn. Fortunately, the process of dyeing gives the crimp a chance to reactivate, which makes for a more pleasurable spinning experience.

This wool was handled much more simply. It is wool from New England small sheep farms, was scoured (washed), and then was carded into a prep called Sliver…..basically a long rope of carded fiber with a slight twist to it. It arrived to my studio in tall skinny bags, all coiled up. The wool is all ready for hand-spinning, and I had a lot of fun trying it out, using long draw on both a spindle and a wheel.

SW BFL (left), NE Fine Grey (right)

Upper left: Superwash BFL Combed Top; Lower right: Fine Grey New England Sliver

However…..there are some issues with this particular sliver.  The most noticeable is the VM, or vegetable matter.  These were not coated sheep, and were obviously fed a good quantity of hay.  Fortunately, this is pretty easy to deal with.  You can do a little fluffing of the fiber to get some out, and the rest will either fall out as you spin, or will be easy to pull out.  Here’s a bit of the fluffing, shown on the club colorway:

The other issue with this wool is the neps and noils.  Personally, I found this to be a fun rustic element to team up with the yarn of the month, which had neps and noils added on purpose.  In reality, these were not meant to be in the wool….some are from ‘second cuts’, which are very short lengths of wool that result from going over an area of the sheep more than once.  These little bits tend to glom together in the washing stage and makes little balls in the final roving.  The noils come from when both ends of a fiber are stretched by the combing process and it breaks, leading to the fiber snapping back and coiling up.  This can come from tender tips, perhaps from being in the sun, or from a nutritional change in the sheep in the middle of the wool growing period, or aggressive carding.  You can see these extra bits in the picture below.

NE Fine Grey

So, it isn’t the most perfect wool, but honestly I haven’t met one I haven’t liked yet, and I think this has some personality despite its faults.  The price point also makes it attractive.


My first sample was on my new Akerworks mini spindle. These are 3D printed, then the BB’s are added after. You can also choose your own shaft length, and you could remove the whorl and either change it, or be more able to tuck the spindle in your purse. It’s a clever design. My only dislike is that the sharp edges of the plastic catch the yarn while you are winding on. I’ll make future cops a bit lower on the shaft in the future.


I made a plying bracelet for this one…..


And ended up with this yarn:

As you can see, it fluffed up quite a bit, and really showed off the un-even-ness of my spinning. Some of this was me, and some of it was the prep. (Well, ok, it was all me…because I was too lazy to pull out all the slubs….it’s a sample!!)

In the meantime, my pretty new Schacht Flat Iron spinning wheel arrived. I had a lot of fun putting it together (IKEA skills for the win!). Here are some shots…the wood has pretty bird eye freckling all over it.


Here’s the wheel together and with about an ounce of the Fine Grey New England Sliver spun on it.

I went for slightly thicker than my default, and kinda threw the wool at the wheel while doing a long draw. Oh, it was fun! I then chain plied the result, as I wanted to see how this would work as a 3 ply….I want to make a cozy sweater from this wool.


And here it is washed. The chain plying does tend to consolidate your inconsistencies, so for the actual project I will make a true 3 ply yarn. I do love how squishy and stretchy it is, and the wool is nice and soft. I also love the slight variations in color.


I dyed a couple of ounces of the club fiber/colorway for a hat, and I hope to spin that up soon. After that I’ll start the sweater project.  I also picked up a faster whorl for the Flat Iron, so these projects should go quickly once I have a chance to start.

If you aren’t in club but would like to try this fiber, I’ll have a number of colors available soon. (And also have a fair amount of undyed, available upon request.)  I’m having a Merino sale through Sunday to clear some bin space for these, so hopefully I can list them next week.  Thanks for stopping by to read about the Fine Grey New England Sliver!

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Red Meets CMY – September 2017 Tiger Club

No inspiration photo for this one, just an idea I had to combine an old fun color of CMY Party (where I put Cyan (blue), Magenta, and Yellow next to each other and let them Party), with the deep reds of fall. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, and it seems club members are, too!

Red Meets CMY - Tiger Tweed Sock Yarn - Tiger Club Sept 2017

The yarn is Tiger Tweed, which is a blend of Superwash Merino and Donegal NEP, which is a kind of nylon that is acid dye resistant, so it leaves little flecks of color in the yarn. I usually like to do a light wash of color on this yarn to show off both the light and dark neps, but decided to experiment with a stronger color. I like how it turned out. If socks aren’t your thing with Tweed yarn, this would be fun in a Planned Pooling project….a scarf for back and forth, or in the round with a cowl. Or try faux ikat on your rigid heddle loom!

Red Meets CMY - NE Fine Grey Combed Sliver - September 2017 Tiger Club

Our fiber is a bit of an experiment. Usually I bring you industrial combed top, which has been carbonized, flattened, and combed….the dyeing process brings it back to life a bit, but it still feels a little ‘clinical’. This carded sliver is from a wool pool from New England of fine wool, and leans to a pale grey-brown color. I enjoy over-dyeing natural colors (besides white) because of the depth of color that brings life to the project. I love how light and fluffy it is….you’ll notice the braid is much longer for the 4 oz!  I’ll have more about spinning this wool in a future blog post.

Want to join the fun? Tiger Club is open for new subscriptions now through October 15th!

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