Chocolate with Sprinkles – January 2017 Tiger Club

Color Inspiration - Chocolate Cupcakes with bright flower sprinkles

Late January, and those pesky resolutions are tossed aside – because the grey days of winter call for some serious carbohydrates!  These delicious fudge chocolate cupcakes with bright sugar flower sprinkles on them are just the thing.  I had a lot of fun with this color, painting on the bright colors, then tieing so I could overdye the brown.

Chocolate w/ Sprinkles - Tiger Sport Sock Yarn - January 2017 Tiger Club

The yarn is Tiger Sport, and I’m sad to say this is the last of it.  Ah well, yarn comes and goes, I’m sure I’ll find something else great!  Need to extend the yardage?  This would be a great yarn to do solid heels and toes in any of the colors….or even stripe them!

Chocolate w/ Sprinkles 19 Micron Merino Wool Combed Top- January 2017 Tiger Club

The fiber is a beautiful soft 19 micron Merino.  This stuff is so cottony….it took the brown more like milk chocolate!  It is always interesting to see how different materials take the exact same colors.

Are you interested in Tiger Club?  Drop me a line through the shop, I’ll double check my spots and see if I can’t find one for you!

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Twenty Below – Tiger Club December 2016

You know I like to treat my club members around the Holidays, and this year is no different. Often early winter is fairly warm here in Iowa, but this year we experienced several very cold days, resulting in a few late starts for school. Hence inspiration for Twenty Below (with a little tongue in cheek of the inspiration picture being a dandelion!!)

Twenty Below - Dec 2016 Tiger Club - 60/40 Polwarth Wool / Tussah Silk
The soft and sparkle are handled in fiber by a luscious new blend I got my hands on.  60 percent Polwarth and 40 percent tussah silk.  Oh, the shine!!!  You will have the best luck spinning this from the fold (or going all the way and making rolags).  Besides keeping the wool and silk together, this will lend some loft to the finished yarn.
Twenty Below - Dec 2016 Tiger Club - Sparkle Sock YarnNot to be outdone, I have a new yarn for sock club, too!  This is simply named “Sparkle”, and is a great 4 ply…three of superwash Merino with a hosiery twist, and one ply of silver toned Lurex.  It lends a great regular sparkle to the yarn without being over the top, and it won’t shed out.  I dyed this yarn for a shawl, and the colors are roughly even, so start with whichever end you like.  The technique used is a ‘blended gradient’, meaning that there are not stark separations between the colors, but they will variegate between the two neighboring colors.  Sea Breeze from January 2016 was also dyed this way….it’s really fun, and I plan to make more of these in various colors for the shop this year.

Thank you for a great year of Tiger Club!  I’m holding on new subscriptions for January, it’s inventory and tax time, so consistency is good for this month!  I will have some new openings on February 1!!

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Winter Berries – November Tiger Club

Inspiration for November’s club came from the bright berries you see against the snow in winter….red, blue, purple, against rich evergreens and a flash of white snowflakes.

Winter Berries - Nov 2016 Tiger Club - Cheviot Wool Combed Top

The fiber is Cheviot wool, which is a great all around wool.  It resists felting, so would be great for outer-wear….boot socks, mittens, hats.
Winter Berries - Nov 2016 Tiger Club - Super Single Sock
The yarn is a new one, Super Single Sock…..100% Merino with enough twist to keep it together in a soft single.  It would make a great scarflet, cowl, or perhaps fingerless mitts.

Thanks for being a part of Tiger Club for November!!!

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Fun with Blended Merino – Shop Update!

I had a great lot of fun creating this collection of blended merino! What is blended merino? This wool came to me as a pale blue combed top….with streaks of yellow, red, and darker blue running through it. When overdyed, this makes for lovely tones and liveliness throughout. I can’t wait to see what you make with these!!

Hand Dyed Blended Merino at The Painted Tiger

Find these blended Merino tops and more at , thanks for stopping by!!

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Moroccan Mosaic – October Tiger Club Reveal

October had a double inspiration….this picture of Moroccan tiles, and a special fiber that came my way…..
Moroccan Mosaic - October Tiger Club - Blended Merino

This fiber started out as a blended Merino top….mostly pale blue, but streaked with darker blue, yellow, and red (the pale blue bit on the lower right is close to the original).  I love how over dyes look, it adds such life to the final product.  So, I layered orange and red and turquoise and navy over this Merino, which was a bit crowded and dyed dry so that it could act as a resist in spots, giving many tones of color and peeks of the original.  Want to complete the look and stretch this into a larger project?  Ply with a natural cream merino.

Moroccan Mosaic - October Tiger Club - Safari Sock Yarn

For the yarn, I wanted to have all the color represented, so I went for stripes.  This should make 4-5 row stripes on socks, the colors going back and forth and alternating with the cream.  I can’t wait to see how yours turns out.  If you want to further the mosaic theme, you might like to use this for a Fair Isle project.

I’m looking ahead to November, with December quick on its heels.  If you want these next couple of months, I have a couple of sock and a few fiber spots….sign up here.  I will not be accepting new subscriptions for December unless I have a late cancellation, I need to dye ahead because my family insists I not work during their school break!!  🙂

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Twist of Lime – September Tiger Club

September’s inspiration came from a last splash of summer….some lime and some cool blues…and even black for contrast.

Twist of Lime September 2016 Tiger Club - Merino Tencel

For fiber, I have this great merino top with black tencel blended in streaks. I added the greens and blues, and love the depth this combination makes. Spin from the fold to keep the two fibers together.

Twist of Lime September 2016 Tiger Club - Journey Sock Yarn

The yarn is Journey, a 4ply Superwash Merino and nylon blend. This has been dyed in two matching striped 50g hanks. I’ve been toying with ways to get the sock blank look without actually knitting the yarn up and making those annoying kinks. Let me know what you think once you’ve knit this up!

October Club just went out the door yesterday (yes, this reveal is soooo tardy….we’ve had a wedding and a funeral and the usual crazy busy fall stuff, so yup, I dropped the ball on the blog. *Sigh*). If you’ve been thinking about joining, November 1 is the time!. I will not be opening the club in December so that I can have it dyed and ready to ship ahead of time….the family likes having me around for Christmas!

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Autumn’s Breath – Tiger Club August 2016

This month’s inspiration is just a whisper of fall. It isn’t here yet, but we can feel the softest touches of it. A bit of orangy-brown, pale peach, blush pink, and tones of grey and tan lend an air of autumn without being all in-your-face Pumpkin Spice about it.

Autumn's Breath - August 2016 Tiger Club - Tiger Tweed Sock Yarn

Our yarn is the BFL verison of Tiger Tweed. Yummy soft superwash BFL with bits of Donegal in it add extra life to our breezy autumn theme. The yarn is dyed ‘down and back’, so besides socks, it would be a good candidate for knitting a Planned Pooling scarf or to weave as Faux Ikat.

Autumn's Breath - August 2016 Tiger Club - Shetland Wool Combed Top

The fiber is one I often think of for fall (I’m not sure why), and that is Shetland. I love this batch, it is so soft and bouncy. The color segments are of a good length and also repeat ‘down and back’, feel free to pull the wool apart to order the colors how you like.

I do have fiber spots for the September Club (and I just got my supplies today for the next 4 months….love squishy woolly packages!), so stop on by and sign up!

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