Top Reconstruction-Part 4 (The one where it’s actually spun!)

Never thought I’d get to actually spinning this, did you?  Well, here it goes.


I discovered that my diz made this huge honking roving that was just way too huge to spin from directly (at least for me, and for trying to get the two color layers to be taken up somewhat evenly), so I drafted this down a bit.

Not sure what I'm doing....taking a picture?

I’m doing a sort of supported long draw.  Or a kind of short backwards draw that I let get long.  Whatever, it is working for this particular fiber and prep.  I’m putting an extra couple of treadles of spin into each draw, trying to have plenty of spin to offset the plenty of ply I want to put in.


I didn’t picture the original bobbins……they were frightfully full of coiled up bits.  I had the takeup WAY down so I could do the draw, but then it wouldn’t take up as fast as I wanted to feed it on.  More learning curves.

So to even out my twist some, I put them across the room and rewound onto these shuttle bobbins.  (Hey, I had them, and a bobbin winder, so why not!!)


The leftish bobbin is the first ply I did with the roving that came off in several pieces.  I tried to do true long draw with all of it, and ended up with lots of odd thick and thin.  The rightish bobbin I did the supported and got a much more consistant size yarn, and I’m very happy with it.  It should be fun plying these together.

Singles close up

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2 Responses to Top Reconstruction-Part 4 (The one where it’s actually spun!)

  1. ChristyH says:

    Spinning looks hard.

    • ThePaintedTiger says:

      Nah……ya just gotta master the feet and hands thing. If you were in marching band, or dance, or otherwise have rhythm, you are good to go!!!

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