Fiber Friday!

Happy Friday!!!  I have some pretty new hand dyed yarns for you!!

Pastel Rainbow Tabby Lace

Pastel Rainbow Tabby Lace

Monet Sunrise II – Tabby Lace

Monet's Sunrise II

Koi Pond – Tiger Twist Sock Yarn

Koi Pond

Designer’s Challenge – Tiger Twist Sock Yarn

Designer's Challenge

Tweedy Green – Tiger Twist Sock Yarn

Tweedy Green

Tweedy Russet – Tiger Twist Sock Yarn

Tweedy Russet

The Times – Tiger Twist Sock Yarn

The Times

I also want to give a shout out to all those who were able to take advantage of the April Fool’s sale….thank you so much, may you have many pleasurable hours knitting with your new stash!!

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