Fiber Baristas – Fiber Club

Hello!  Sorry I’ve been light on content this week. I’ve been working up a storm on an extra special treat for the final shipment of my Transitions Club, and dyeing up yarn for the Fiber Barista’s sock club….all of which ships next Friday. Can’t wait to see the look on the faces of the people in the post office when I bring this lot in! (And then the relief when they discover I’ve paid for most of the postage at home!!)

Coincidently, my friend at Northern Dyeworks has been working hard on a website and cart for Fiber Baristas, and she unveiled it today. Which means you can now sign up for the Fiber Barista Fiber Club!!
It’s a 6 month club, payable in one lump with a discount, or in two payments. You’ll receive 2-4 oz depending on the fiber and prep. We are allowing for the purchase of ‘double shots’ right up front, so if you know you would prefer more….we have it for you!!! Anyway, check out the site for the full details, and I hope you’ll sign up.

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