Tiger Stripes and Polwarth and Silk, Oh My!

It’s time for a shop update, and I have a passel of things for you.

First off….you know I had to do it sometime…..here we go, Bengal Stripes!

Tiger Stripe - Safari

I’ve also put up new batches of Iris,
Iris Safari

Koi Pond,
Koi Pond - Journey

and Forest self striping sock yarns.
Forest - Journey

Next up is some Polwarth. Yum.
Out of the Deep Polwarth
Evening Haze Polwarth
Darner Dragonfly Polwarth
Citrus Splash Polwarth
Autumn Splendor Polwarth
Autumn Blaze Maple Polwarth

Next comes the Merino Silk. Oh yes, 50/50, soft as kittens.
Purple Passion Merino Silk
American Beauty Merino Silk
Stormy Seas Merino Silk
Mississippi Mud Merino Silk
Leaf Merino Silk
Dawning Merino Silk

Finally, I have a few batches of Mawata Silk Hankies.
Tropical Rainbow - Silk Hankies
May Flowers - Mawata Silk Hankies
Lily Pads - Silk Hankies
Lettuce - Silk Hankies
Lavender Sachet - Mawata Silk Hankies
Blue Skies - Silk Hankies
Black Tulip - Silk Hankies
Water Lilies - Silk Hankies

As you can see, I had a lot of fun with different yarn and fibers for this update. I hope you like them!

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