New Toys

So, I had two fillings this morning. My tongue is numb, and I can feel the tingle of anesthetic in places it really shouldn’t have migrated to. I guess I’m thankful for the great dental care I am privileged to receive, but that doesn’t make me like it. Anyway, a long slender box arrived for me yesterday, and I saved the opening for after my appointment, so I had something to look forward to.

New Toys

Now, THAT, my friends, is a swift. I started with one of those metal and plastic swifts (well, I really started with a cobbled together thing of a box and a lazy susan….when I realized I didn’t want to niddy-noddy 800 yards of lace yarn), and for a long time it was plenty. Then I started to get skeins from one supplier that were a little too big for the basic swift. Sometimes it would work, but if the angle were just a bit wrong, I’d quickly find myself with a tangled mess. Spying my son’s K’Nex, I made myself a slightly bigger swift. It, too, works ok, but can snag. So, when the Woolery announced that Glimakra swifts were the Fiber Toy of the week, I said, ‘Yes, please’. I got the large one. *Cough* this is a very large swift, probably twice the size as my previous umbrella swift. Plus it is prettier, all wood and lacing and such. It’ll do, it’ll do. 🙂

Perhaps you noticed there is something else in that picture? Here’s the deal… shipping. My newly discounted swift didn’t meet the minimum, and it would cost $12.95 to ship it….half the discount. So I went looking for something else I needed, and tada, one Schacht double bobbin shuttle fell right into my cart. I still have the ends of my blanket (which I am cuddled up in with a cat right now on this blustery day) on my loom, ready to tie on the next blanket in my stash busting plan. I love the blanket, but the fulling made it almost too small. So my plan is to basketweave the next blanket….two ends per warp and weft pick. So I *needed* the shuttle. I did.

I hope you are finding something to enjoy this day. I have some merino/silk to fondle braid this afternoon, and hopefully I’ll get a big shop update done for you tomorrow.

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