Tertiary – March 2014 Tiger Club Reveal

I love rainbows.  All. The. Colors.  I’ve had an idea rattling around about making a new rainbow….one that embraces all the lovely transition areas between the main colors.  So I took Tropical Rainbow, and mixed each of the colors half and half with their neighbors.  Tertiary is the result of that experiment……a new rainbow of red-orange, orange-yellow, yellow-green, green-blue, blue-violet, and violet-red.

Terteriary - March 2014 Tiger Club - Romney Roving

The fiber is lovely Romney Roving, an all USA product…grown by Michigan Sheep and small mill processed. It is such a fun fiber to spin. Let the twist into the drafting zone to produce an airier, more matte yarn; or smooth as you go for a shinier worsted style. You can’t go wrong.

Terteriary - March 2014 Tiger Club - Safari Sock Yarn

We were due for some stripes in the Sock Club, and this color was fantastic for it. In the sample, each color stripes about 8 rows on a 64 stitch tube.  The yarn is Safari, a blend of Corriedale wool and Nylon.

Barbara Johnson has designed a sock pattern based on this size of stripe, you can download it from Ravelry for free.  (Shown on Journey.   Safari is a slightly thicker yarn, so you may need to adjust the pattern.)

Another pattern idea is Entrelac. Check out this scarf by IowaKnitter.

Today is the last day to sign up to receive April’s Tiger Club. We’ll be exploring the weather a bit with this one, plus it is a new fiber blend AND a new sock yarn.

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Hibiscus – February Tiger Club Reveal

This has been the winter of my discontent. Well, ok, not really. But it has droned on and on and on. Color to the rescue! Enter a favorite flashy flower of mine, the Hibiscus.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

I love the way the yellow goes into the orange and then the pink, hovering in shades of coral. To make this happen in wool, I needed for my dye colors to ‘break’. This happens when you blend a couple colors of dye, but they attach to the fiber at different times, so you get a lot of variation where one color stuck more in one spot, and more of the other over there. The best candidate for this is always Superwash, as the conditions don’t need to be as extreme to make breaking happen.

Hibiscus - February Tiger Club - Superwash Corriedale Wool Combed Top

Our wool is Superwash Corriedale, which I surprised myself by liking a lot (I have a love-hate relationship with Superwash Merino. Corrie is much easier to handle).  Anyway, I decided to dye this in a gradient, which is my favorite for designing a yarn, as you can do so many things. Spin it straight and chain (or split and ply), make a fractal, pull it all to bits and grab them randomly, use it to load your blending board for striped rolags….seriously, there is so much you can do, and I’m excited to see what you club members come up with!

Hibiscus - February Tiger Club - Tiger Twist II Sock Yarn

The yarn is Tiger Twist II, and I went back to a dyeing technique that I haven’t used for a fair while, and is frankly a lot of fun. These are dipped in the round, which gives me really great transitions between the colors. The yarn will make a mini-stripe spiral up around a sock, or you could try your hand at planned-pooling in the round.

Are you missing the fun? Join us for March, the color’s fine!

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As Time Goes By – January Tiger Club Reveal

You must remember this….

As Time Goes By - Bengal Sock Yarn - January 2014 Tiger Club

A kiss is still a kiss….A sigh is still a sigh….

As Time Goes By - Mixed BFL Wool Combed Top - January 2014 Tiger Club


The fundamental things apply, As time goes by.

Feeling romantic and nostalgic, I cooked up this sentimental colorway…..imagine opening a box in the attic filled with yellowing love letters and dried roses.  Both yarn and fiber were dyed in a fashion I call ‘controlled chaos’, which results in shorter color bursts that appear semi-randomly.  The yarn is Bengal, a nice smooth BFL sock yarn.  The wool is mixed BFL, about 75% white and 25% natural brown.  Those chocolate ribbons add a special depth to the colors.

February Tiger Club is open through the 15th, we would love to have you join us.  It is pay-as-you-go, so you are welcome to try it for as little as one month, or stay as long as you like.  Details are on the Tiger Club page of the shop.

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Shop Update – Masham and new Striped Sock Yarn

The cold weather seems to have slowed everything down, so I apologize for being tardy with the shop update.  I think you will find it worth the wait!

First I’d like to share a wonderful fiber.  I introduced this to Tiger Club last year, and it was a big hit.  Masham (pronounced Mass – am) is a lovely pale grey-brown color which makes any dyes just pop with depth.  It’s not a skin-close wool, but it is fairly soft and versatile.  I’d perhaps compare it to Shetland.  Snap up these colors, I predict they’ll go fast!
Iris Masham
Lily Pads Masham
Black Tulip Masham
Alpine Masham

I also have a couple of new striping sock yarns for you. New to the shop are Mississipi Mud on Journey, and Iris on Safari. I am pleased as punch with them.

Mississippi Mud Journey
Iris Safari

I’ve also restocked Koi Pond and Autumn Splendor on Journey.

Koi Pond - Journey
Autumn Splendor - Journey

I’m on a mission to dye up all the odds and ends in the supply closet instead of hoarding them for petting :). It’s sort of a debt snowball program for fiber artists! Masham was the first, and this MBT (Merino Bamboo Tussah) was the next to emerge. I had enough for two lovely colors, Hibiscus and Water Lilies. Spin this soft blend from the fold for best results.

Hibiscus MBT
Water Lilies MBT

I had just enough time to finish up the bump of Mixed BFL (which was the January Club fiber, I’ll have reveal for that tomorrow). Enough for three favorite colors: Cascade, Verdigris, and Purple Passion. I love how the ribbons of natural brown BFL add depth and interest to the colors.

Cascade Mixed BFL
Verdigris Mixed BFL
Purple Passion Mixed BFL

AND, I restocked two popular colors on New England Wool. Out of the Deep, and Water Lilies.
Out of the Deep NE Wool
Water Lilies NE Wool

Whew! Easily find all of these new items by looking in our NEW section!

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The Year of the Turtle

This is the week I dye for club (which is quite pretty, BTW), so I don’t have anything new for the shop; although I didn’t blog about last Friday’s update of sock yarn…..plenty of self striping rainbows and Grand Old Flag is back in stock….just in time knit some socks to root on our athletes during the Olympic Games.

Grand Old Flag Self Striping Patriotic Yarn

What I really came to talk about is my theme for the year. As the title says, the Year of the Turtle. Why?

racing turtle
(Yes, it’s a tortoise. Shush.)

First, I’ve just been bogged down with the thought pattern that I must have some large block of time to be able to accomplish anything on my project(s). Know that feeling? Ever say to yourself that by the time you set everything up and get going your time will be over? Or that you’ll surely be interrupted soon, so why bother?

My plan? Set up areas or projects that can be picked up for even a short period of time.

Exhibit A: Forest Fractal Shawl-
Forest Fractal Shawl

Well, ok, so this perhaps is not the best example, but it was the inspiration behind the Turtle idea. I’m a little further than this picture shows, but the cake of remaining yarn is quite large. I’m over 200 stitches per row, now, so I need a somewhat good chunk of time to even do one row. And good lighting (is it time for bifocals? Eek!). Anyway, this project sits near my chair in the living room to remind me to peck away at it.

Exhibit B: Forest Doubleweave Blanket
Forest Blanket

Now this is more like it.  (And no comments about my apparent color rut, please!) I have spent the last month chipping away at this project. I did wind the warp and put it in the raddle all on the same day, and beaming (and rebeaming…don’t ask) was quick the next day. But since then, it has been threading maybe 40-80 ends a day, and then I sleyed the reed and tied on over a couple of days. Now I’m up to the weaving, which is the ultimate hit and run project…with only 4 treadles in the pattern, I can knock out a tiny bit every time I walk by the loom, which usually turns into at least 5 repeats.

It was great yesterday while I dyed yarn for club. There is a fair amount of waiting involved for each step to set, and it was handy to just pop over to the studio and weave for those 5 minutes. I have probably a third of this warp finished, and I’m planning to tie another warp onto the ends of this one to get a nice two-fer out of all that threading work.  Overall, much more restful than clicking through something on the computer, and I’ll have something useful at the end of it all.

The turtle and the matchbox
Maybe if I just stretch my neck out a little, I’ll get ahead?

And now we come to the harder, second part of the Year of the Turtle….new projects. It is so easy to see something beautiful someone made, or the coolest new project, or even the fact that most of my socks are developing holes…and suddenly I have a mental list of a zillion projects that I want to do and are all weighing me down. I should not be stressed by my hobby.

I haven’t quite worked out how to conquer this magpie temptation, but I think what I shall do is continue to use ways to document ideas (notebook, Pinterest, Ravelry), and then let them slide from memory, as the ideas are safe and can be retrieved. I shall focus on a few carefully selected projects and complete them. *Sigh* I hope, anyway!

So, the mantra for this year is:

Slow and steady finishes more projects.


turtle race
Ready? Set. Go!!

Want to join me? Or have ideas? Weave your comment below!

I’ll leave you with a bit of wildlife from our neck of the woods. It’s been too cold to see much lately, but on nicer days we had this falcon:


and this deer. She was part of a group of four does, protected by a nice sized buck. They like to eat our Vinca (please, eat it all!), so were nearly on our patio in the back.

Stay warm, my fibery friends, and keep on a goin’ on those projects!

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Fiber Friday, Inventory Edition

It was that wonderful time of year last week….the time when I pull all the fiber and yarn, dyed and undyed, out of the studio and weigh and count it all.  In the process, I found these lovely yarn and fiber goodies! Stop by and check them out, and if you haven’t been to the shop in a while, admire our new homepage!

Woodland Wildflowers - Self Patterning Safari Sock Yarn

Woodland Wildflowers - Falkland - April 2013 Tiger Club

Villa Nove Superwash Corriedale Combed Top

Villa Nove Self Striping Safari Sock Yarn

Tuscany - BFL Wool

Ice Pops Acala Cotton

That’s ‘easy to spin’ Acala cotton sliver ^^^^ , specially prepared for hand spinners.

Finally, I have a selection of Mawata Silk Hankie sets.

Northern Lights Silk Hankies

Mineral Ore Silk Hankies

Spanish Moss Silk Hankies

Ancient Tomes Silk Hankies

Thanks for stopping by The Painted Tiger! Have a fantastic fibery weekend!

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Salted Caramel Mochaccino – December Tiger Club

I hope you all had a nice break, ours has been extended two days due to the severe cold.  On such a freezy day, it is nice to snuggle up with nice cuppa.  Hence the theme of our December Tiger Club, based around a gradient of Salted Caramel Mochaccino.

My Five Shades of Mochachino ! ;)

Tongue in cheek, this idea came from our fiber this month, which is a soft-as-kittens blend of Baby Camel, Silk, and Merino.  I wanted to showcase the lovely pale tan of the natural color of the blend, yet make it into something decadent.   Hence, Salted Camel Mochaccino!  (Yeah, yeah, I’m so clever, ha!)  There are five shades from natural to caramel to browns to deep espresso.

Salted Camel Mochaccino - Tiger Club Dec 2013

Our sock yarn is MCN – Merino Cashmere Nylon, a lovely soft blend. It is nice for socks, but I decided to break from tradition and dye it for not-socks. There is one gradient on the skein, 9 even and long stripes from natural cream to caramel and through the ever darkening browns. Make a shawl or scarf or maybe do colorwork with it. Or as warp or weft for a weaving project. I really can’t wait to see what you come up with!Salted Cashmere Mochaccino - Tiger Club Dec 2013


As a side note, you may have noticed the lack of color on the tags, and the weird green tone of the inspiration picture on your note.  I’ve been having trouble with the pink ink on my printer for months, and it finally gave up.  I tried ‘fixing’ it during break….and, well, broke it completely.  That figures, right?  So, now I’m the proud owner of a new printer, and you’ll be seeing full color in the future (knock on wood!).  It even was discounted within the price difference refund window, so if I had to break a printer, it worked out ok in the end.

Tiger Club is open for new subscriptions through January 15th, I hope you’ll consider joining us.   We’ll have a great line up of yarn and fiber in 2014, and plenty of beautiful colors!

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