Autumn’s Breath – Tiger Club August 2016

This month’s inspiration is just a whisper of fall. It isn’t here yet, but we can feel the softest touches of it. A bit of orangy-brown, pale peach, blush pink, and tones of grey and tan lend an air of autumn without being all in-your-face Pumpkin Spice about it.

Autumn's Breath - August 2016 Tiger Club - Tiger Tweed Sock Yarn

Our yarn is the BFL verison of Tiger Tweed. Yummy soft superwash BFL with bits of Donegal in it add extra life to our breezy autumn theme. The yarn is dyed ‘down and back’, so besides socks, it would be a good candidate for knitting a Planned Pooling scarf or to weave as Faux Ikat.

Autumn's Breath - August 2016 Tiger Club - Shetland Wool Combed Top

The fiber is one I often think of for fall (I’m not sure why), and that is Shetland. I love this batch, it is so soft and bouncy. The color segments are of a good length and also repeat ‘down and back’, feel free to pull the wool apart to order the colors how you like.

I do have fiber spots for the September Club (and I just got my supplies today for the next 4 months….love squishy woolly packages!), so stop on by and sign up!

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Wildflower Riot – July 2016 Tiger Club

We were battling a heat wave during dyeing, so it’s a time for lighter colors, and easy breezy patterning. My yard is full of Echinacea (Purple Coneflower) and other wildflowers, so I distilled it down to three colors….a purple-pink, a refreshing cool blue, and a bright lime green…..then allowed them to wick and blend for interesting colors in-between…that also hint of the Autumn that is soon to come ….a Wildflower Riot!

Wildflower Riot - July 2016 Tiger Club - Targhee Wool

It’s all American this month, our fiber is Targhee from Montana, perfect for pretty much any clothing item you’d like to make.

Wildflower Riot - July 2016 Tiger Club - Tiger Twist Sock Yarn
The yarn is Tiger Twist, the USA Edition. The patterning is truly random on the yarn, although if you want to be extra sure it won’t pool, you can always mix it up by knitting from both ends. It’ll make fun socks, baby items, shawls, etc.

Tiger Club is not officially open, however do drop me a line if you are interested….I can either find you a spot this month, or next!

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Lollipop – June 2016 Tiger Club

Ah, Summertime. The livin’ may not be as easy as the song says, but it’s a time for fun and bright colors, and memories of childhood. I heard Lollipop on road trips with my parents (on 8 track, no less!), and when I needed to find a 5 color inspiration for the new Journey Mini’s I wanted to dye, this picture jumped out at me.

The aforementioned Mini’s are the fantastic 4 ply Journey that is a favorite around here, but in 5 skeins of about 93 yards each. Stripe ’em how you like!
Lollipop Tiger Club June 2016 - Journey Mini Skeins

The fiber is cottony soft 19 micron Merino. To stay true to the colors and avoid mud, I dyed these separately, also. Have fun combining them how you like.
Lollipop Tiger Club June 2016 - 19 Micron Merino

Thanks for taking a look! If you are interested in club, be sure to contact me to be on the waitlist!

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Black & Blue – May 2016 Tiger Club

As mentioned in your Club note, my daughter chose May’s colors. And here’s part of the inspiration….Jay Walker, from the Lego show Ninjago.  As you can see, his power is Lightening, and all the ninjas do the spinning move, called Spinjitsu. (Hey, spinning…we’ll take it, right?!)  She and her brother enjoy this show, and they even dressed as their favorite characters, Jay and Cole, to give out candy last Halloween. Her favorite color is now blue (but preferably an electric or turquoise shade), with a side of black. After the eight color striping craziness of April’s club, I was happy to make something a little more simple.

Dyeing is such a fun thing to do….after a while you learn some neat tricks by accident, and for this club I was able to employ them ‘on purpose’. I used two different blues mixed together (with a tiny shot of yellow for good measure), then used the fiber itself as a resist. The blues split back apart in fun ways, and the black made a nice dappled gray to black effect. The fiber is soft and bouncy Polwarth, and this particular bump is a nice super thick combed top. Split it to make matching plies, do a fractal, make rolags, or spin a thick single!!  Have fun with it!

Black & Blue - May 2016 Tiger Club - Polwarth

For yarn, I used up the very last of my supply of Tiger Twist 365. It borders on sport weight so I called it Tiger Twist Sport….feel free to stash it on Ravelry in Tiger Twist, even though the yardage is a bit less….the structure and texture is the same, even though it’s a bit thicker.  I used a dip dye technique, which allowed the blues to split in a different way than they did on fiber.

Black & Blue - May 2016 Tiger Club - Tiger Twist 365

I think the result is fun and striking. I couldn’t help it, I did a little swatch. Your spiral/pooling will vary depending on your gauge and number of stitches.

Black & Blue - May 2016 Tiger Club

For the sake of my sanity, I’ve closed Tiger Club to new subscriptions for the summer….aforementioned daughter is taking Driver’s Education, and hubby is playing gigs for local summerstock productions, so knowing my numbers so I can dye ahead is helpful so I can drop things and have some fun when we are all free! HOWEVER, do contact me if you want to be on the wait list….if someone drops the club you want, it will be no problem to put you in that spot….I’ll probably already have it dyed, even!! 🙂 Enjoy your summer, and keep cool, like Jay!

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Elemental – April 2016 Tiger Club Reveal

Did you know that metals burn in bright colors?  Yup, they do!  In a really loose form of actually using my Chem minor, I took the ideas of these flames and put together 4 warm colors and 4 cool colors to create Elemental.

Elemental - Tiger Club Fiber - SW BFL - April 2016 Tiger Club

The fiber is a great favorite for showing off bright colors with a bit of shine….. Superwash BFL.  With 8 colors, I was leery of mud, so I made two lengths of fiber to give you the most options possible for spinning, carding, whatever.  One length has the cool colors, and the other the warm.

Elemental - SW BFL

Our yarn is the reason for the delay in posting this reveal. I really wanted to show you what it would look like when knit, and since I managed to score one for myself this month, I decided I would make a sock sized swatch. 😉
Elemental- Targhee Sock Yarn

This is a brand new yarn, it’s a 3 ply with a nice twist on it….sturdy enough for socks, but a nice hand. It’s a blend of superwash Targhee and nylon.  Targhee is a sheep breed developed here in the USA in 1926 from Rambouillet, Columbia and Corriedale crosses.  The result is a dual purpose (good meat AND fleece) sheep that is well suited to the places it is popular with farmers….Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota.  What does it mean for us knitters?  Targhee has that special fineness of merino, but is a bit sturdier.  And you can feel good that it came from as close to you as possible, and supports the renewing of the wool industry here in the USA.

Elemental- Targhee Sock Yarn - Tiger Club April 2016

(Yeah, yeah, I’ll get the second sock knit up soon, I promise!)

For both yarn and fiber, I suggested to alternate this with white, black, navy, even deep brown, to stretch it.  This would be fun striped or fair isled (is that a word?), or in any kind of modular knit….entrelac, diamonds, shells, etc.  I can wait to see what clubbers make!

If you are interested in Tiger Club, please pop over to the website! Fiber clubs are open, or you can drop me a line to be on the waiting list for the sock club.

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Wonderful Wensleydale

Wensleydale Sheep

The Wensleydale sheep breed began with a cross of a Dishley Leichester ram and a Teeswater ewe in 1838. The result is a large sheep with ‘blue’ head and these wonderful long locks.

The staple length is quite long in this combed top, about 6 inches, so it is best to keep the hands far apart when spinning….otherwise you’ll be pulling on both ends of the fiber and it won’t budge! Wensleydale likes to be spun into a lace weight, and doesn’t need a lot of twist….too much will make the yarn wiry. I had a lot of fun putting colors on this wool, the longwool luster really shines through.

All of these are available in the shop: Hand Dyed Wensleydale , snap them up before they are gone!

Salted Caramel Mochaccino Wensleydale
Autumn Blaze Maple Wensleydale
Burning Bright Wensleydale
Hibiscus Wensleydale
Out of the Deep Wensleydale
Peacock Wensleydale
Jeweled - June 2015 Tiger Club - Wensleydale wool

Thanks for stopping by!

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Blushing Dahlia – March 2016 Tiger Club

IMG_2530 copy-Dahlia

It is being a long spring of on-again-off-again temperatures, hail, and even a tornado! However, spring is also time we think of soft baby things, and so this month’s colors reflected that. I’m going to be honest, I developed the colors before finding an inspiration color OR name for this blend of pinks and pale yellows. When hubby asked what I was going to call it….I said (*cough*), marshmallow “Peeps in a Blender”. I was vetoed, so a bit of a Flickr image search turned up this great picture of a Dahlia. You’re welcome.

Blushing Dahlia Tiger Club March 2016 on Silky Sock

Our yarn is a luxury one, a blend of Superwash Merino and Silk. It straddles the balance of being bouncy enough for a sock yarn, yet drapey enough for shawl use. I used a slightly randomish pattern in small color sections to encourage a mottled pattern, although it will depend on your pattern/stitch count/gauge/which way the wind is blowing/etc.

Blushing Dahlia Tiger Club March 2016 on SW Merino/Merino/Silk

New up is a new fiber I wanted to try. It’s a blend of superwash merino, untreated merino, and tussah silk. It isn’t blended fully, leaving streaks of each fiber, with the idea that each will take the color differently. The effect is subtle with these pale colors, but still beautiful. Baby soft! I suggest spinning from the fold to keep the longer silk in with the wool, so you can tear this into color bits and do some rearranging if you like.

Interested in Tiger Club? Each month we have a new fiber, a nice rotation of sock yarns, and various dyeing styles. For the first time in about 6 months, I have openings in all options!

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