Wood Duck – October 2015 Tiger Club

Wood Duck

Look at this handsome fellow!  A lovely blend of greens, blues, browns, and a bit of black and white.  I’ve made variations of some of the colors over the years, but I wanted to capture more of them at once.

Wood Duck - October 2015 Tiger Club - 19 Micron Merino


Our fiber is a new variation (to TPT, anyway) of an age old fiber….Merino.  This is 19 micron, and is cottony soft.  I dyed ‘there and back’ with the colors, so you can split it the short way in the middle if you want a matching 2 ply.  (Yes, I totally posed it in a duck shape.)

Wood Duck - October 2015 Tiger Club - Journey Sock Yarn

For the yarn, I wanted to capture some pattern, too….like the white dots on the orange-brown breast.  I thought it would be too busy in variegated, so I went with stripes, on Journey Sock yarn for a bit of shine.  The two blues are different in person, goofy camera.  Anyway, I like how it turned out, and it will be a fun knit that can take a bit of pattern, or not, depending on what you’d like to do.

Subscriptions are open for November!

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First Day of Fall – Tiger Club

I love to look around me for color inspiration, and September’s Tiger Club was no exception. Despite being quite a warm fall, even in mid-September a few trees were responding to the shorter days by withdrawing their chlorophyll.

First Day of FallTo achieve the tones and randomness, I applied a shade of green and a good strong red to both yarn and fiber, then overdyed them with shades of yellow and gold. First Day of Fall - Shetland Wool

The fiber is Shetland, which is a fantastic all around fiber, and I particularly like this batch of it.

First Day of Fall - Tiger Twist Sport

The yarn is a sport version of an old favorite. Tiger Twist 365 is a nice superwash merino with a good hosiery twist on it. Of interest to me was how yarn dyed in the same batch, with exactly the same treatment, would behave differently in the overdye. Some kept the green and red as stark speckles, and others released them and made a more blended effect….and some did a little of both. Pretty cool….no two are alike.

I do have one sock and one fiber spot left in Tiger Club for October, you are welcome to join us!

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Tiger Club!

Time has just been flying by!  Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for September’s Tiger Club.  Here is a look back at the yarn and fiber club members received in August.

I follow a few fiber groups on Facebook, and this picture was posted for color inspiration.  It’s a species of Saturniidae moth, and wow, isn’t it fun and colorful?

Saturniidae Moth Caterpillar

The appeal of this picture to me is the jumble of colors. So I decided to hand paint a ‘stick figure’ caterpillar on the yarn and fiber. I used three purples, a shocking blue, bright magenta, and some gold….and allowed the natural white to show.

Saturniidae August Tiger Club - BFL Journey Sock Yarn

The yarn is a riff on a favorite sock yarn here….Journey. Except instead of Merino, it is BFL (blue faced leicester) wool. Same 4 plies, same great yardage. I can’t wait to see how it dapples and pools.

Saturniidae August 2015 Tiger Club - Polwarth Wool

I painted in a similar technique on the wool, but there are more folds so the dappling is more spread out. The wool is Polwarth, a hearty cross breed of Merino and Lincoln. The wool is a little longer and stronger, but retains that nice pouf and fine crimp of Merino.

I invite you to check out the club and try it for a month. I love dyeing for my club members, and it is fun to get a new surprise. For September, I’ll be shifting into fall mode with fibers and colors.

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Tiger Eye – July Tiger Club Reveal

Tiger eye 2The stone known as Tiger Eye inspired July’s Tiger Club. I used a beautiful shiny blend of Merino and Tencel for both the fiber and the yarn to recreate the shades of gold and tan. The fiber was dyed in a back and forth gradient: Tiger Eye - Merino Tencel - Tiger Club July 2015

And the yarn was dyed in a method I like to call ‘organized chaos’. It is always interesting to see how the different materials take the same dye recipe differently.

Tiger Eye - Merino Tencel - Tiger Club July 2015If you are interested in receiving a surprise every month, there are limited spots open in Tiger Club through tomorrow (August 15th).

In related news, we’ve added to our house tiger collection. Our beloved Nate, the original Painted Tiger, was 20 and just not happy with life anymore, so we said goodbye in early July. Our remaining kitty seemed very lonely….and, well….one of him wasn’t enough to go around, so we looked for a kitty to adopt. Well, things are never that simple….we fell in love with these girls, who are sisters. How could we take one and not the other? Tigers, oh my!

Tinder is on the left, her ‘dating profile’ said she liked to snuggle in blankets….but we haven’t seen any of that. She loves to PLAY, and is off at the slightest movement or noise….hence her name. I was lucky to get these shots of her.  She isn’t all ‘spazz’, she does come over for scritches…..but then she sees a bug in the window and must see it!

Ember, on the right, was listed as needing a quiet home, but she has adjusted the fastest. She is very friendly, loves to be petted and to snuggle, and still enjoys some playing.  She was named first, due to her charcoal and ash coat with embers of orange showing through.

Norman isn’t too sure about these two, but they are all tolerating each other well. We took it slow and introduced them through a door, then a screen for a few days before giving everyone the run of the house. We’re enjoying all three.

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Jeweled – June 2015 Tiger Club

Sometimes, you just gotta go with what you love!  Instead of taking inspiration from a picture this month, I went with my favorite jeweled tones of Emerald, Sapphire, and Amethyst….with other semi-precious shades in between….for 10 shades in total.

Our fiber is Wensleydale, which lent the required sheen to our Jeweled theme.  This long wool likes to be spun fine and with just enough twist to hold it together.

Jeweled - June 2015 Tiger Club - Wensleydale wool

The yarn is a new one, Bengal Soft, which is a BFL 2 ply.  Blue Faced Leicester is one of the most fine long wools, and lends a nice little bit of shine, while being kitten soft.  I dyed this in a new method for a gradient effect, with the color sections increasing for a triangular shawl, or it would look great in a rectangle knitted the long way. Jeweled - June 2015 Tiger Club - Bengal Soft Yarn

To try the method, I made a skein of this in Hibiscus, and here is my shawl progress so far.  You can see that it does progress, but in a back and forth pooling kind of way.  I like the effect. Hibiscus Shawl in Bengal Soft

Tiger Club is closed for July so that I could rearrange my dyeing schedule around our activities.  There has been a fair amount of interest shown however….so stay tuned, I may open it up in August.

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Driftwood Shawl

I finished! Here is my shawl, knit from the Tiger Club yarn for February.

Driftwood Shawl

Driftwood Shawl

Driftwood Shawl

I hit a few bumps along the way….like the pattern not coming out even when I got to them…..but discovered it was my own silly fault….the first half of the shawl is YO, K2T. The other half is K2T, YO. So I would forget the last YO, and it would put me off for the next pattern row. Glad I finally figured it out. I also had a period of ‘forgetting’ how to knit….I was knitting through the front loop, thus twisting my stitches. In my defense, I’m a marginal knitter at best, and I had been watching some videos on speed knitting….one of them had a very strange technique, and I believe this is where I got it from. Or, I was just not paying attention. Whatever, it kind of gives a neat effect to the stockinette portion of the shawl.

I originally did not think I would like the shape of this shawl (it’s a modified version of Light and Up) when I went to block it….it curved around much more than I expected. I don’t care for the long curly tail of my Quaker Yarn Stretcher at all…it is awkward to wear.

Driftwood Shawl Back

However, once on, the shawl fits my shoulders and the curlie bits wind around and make a waterfall. I feel like it will stay in place more like a sweater, which is something I haven’t enjoyed about shawls….having to fuss with them.

Driftwood Shawl Front

I like this one so much, that I have cast on for another of the same shape. For now, I’m just doing stockinette, although I may dig around for a stitch pattern for the green part.

Hibiscus Gradient Shawl Yarn

For those in club….this is your teaser….this is the yarn you will receive….same idea, different colors.  (I wish I could wind them all into cakes like this for you….but time does not allow.)

Hibiscus Gradient Shawl Yarn

For those of you not in club, I hope to bring similar gradients to you soon!

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Fiber Friday – Targhee!!

Yes, it’s true….at long last I have more luscious cottony-soft Targhee!! Can’t wait to get your hands on them? Click here.

First up, we have some of my favorites from my striping sock yarns. These are dyed in a graduated progression….each color longer than the last, perfect for a triangular shawl. Remember my Forest Fractal Yarn? Yeah, these can do that!
Raspberry Mocha Targhee
Frozen Targhee
Forest Targhee

I have several gradients….

Burning Bright Targhee
Out of the Deep Targhee
Periwinkle to Petunia Targhee

And progression gradient rainbows…
Rainbow Targhee
Pastel Rainbow Targhee
Tropical Rainbow Targhee

And my favorite Autumn Splendor that doesn’t quite fit in any of these categories….
Autumn Splendor Targhee

And some variegated colors….
Black Tulip Targhee
Mississippi Mud Targhee
Northern Lights Targhee


Whew!  As you can see, it was a fun week at the dyepots.  I love my job, and hope you love what I’ve made for you!

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