Seaside Sunrise – May 2017 Tiger Club

Coming up to summer, I like to have a summery shawl project for you.  This picture is fabulous, and I found a great new yarn to try.

Sumatran Tiger Sock yarn takes its name from the smallest species of Tiger…..and this yarn is right on that thinness border between heavy lace and really light fingering weight yarn.  It’s 490 yards per 100 grams, made of 100% silky soft superfine superwash Merino (yup, that’s a lot of ssssss’s!!).  I dyed this in a single long repeat through the colors, each color about equal, each color block overlapping its neighbor somewhat.

Seaside Sunrise - May 2017 Tiger Club - Sumatran Tiger Sock Yarn 490 y

The fiber this month is Shetland, just because I usually offer it in the fall….and by no means should this great fiber be restricted to fall colors only!  I dyed the fiber as ‘there and back’, so divide in the middle for an easy two ply, or spin the whole thing as is and live daringly by plying from a center pull ball.  Be sure to join us for Tour de Fleece….info is on our Ravelry group.

Seaside Sunrise - May 2017 Tiger Club - Shetland Wool Combed Top Roving

We’re taking a little vacation this next week, then I’ll be in the thick of dyeing for June’s club!  Want in?  I’m taking new subscriptions through the 15th (or when spots fill up, whichever comes first).

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What I did this spring….

I feel like a need to write an essay of what I did with my life this spring! For a variety of very good reasons, we decided we should look around for a different house in our city. So this winter and spring, we’ve slowly been doing various updates….paint, new caulk, etc. Long story short, we found a house that would work….in our current neighborhood….and for a variety of other very good reasons, we undecided to move.

It’s ok, I’m thrilled with the new paint and other updates, and the frantic packing up found a lot of room in the dry side of my studio. Unfortunately, I have to get it all back in there eventually….but I get to take a bit of time and sort out what really needs to go back, and how I’m going to store it. I finally got motivated to find bins that fit my wire cubes (which make up the ‘store’), and found a great deal on ones that fit about perfect. Although it isn’t quite as convenient to keep an eye on stock, the cleaner look is sure nice. We found some cool LED light fixtures for the basement, and I ended up juggling some fixtures and bulbs around….so even though I still need to make the space I have in the wet studio work….it’s a lot brighter and makes me smile when I go to work in there. And working I have been…..mostly making Grand Old Flag yarn!!

Here are a few recent pictures, these are all taken from my living room. Yeah, we had to stay for a while longer.

(Ok, so that is my least favorite visitor….I bring in the bird feeder every night.)

Turkey Vulture


Almost caught up, I’ll get May’s Club reveal posted here in a day or so. Off to dye some more flag yarn!

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Rugged – April 2017 Tiger Club

Yes, I realize it’s June!  I’m catching up on a lot of things, so bear with me!

For April, I wanted to go all denim and leather, useful colors for anyone.
Rugged - April 2017 Tiger Club - Safari
Safari is the perfect yarn to go with the rugged theme, as it’s the toughest yarn I offer….75% Corriedale Wool, and 25% Nylon.  I have yet to wear out a pair.  I like to do stripes on Safari, so I went with wide stripes of denim blue and rich leather brown, with paler shades of the same on each side, and a nice creamy tan in between.  It’s not busy, so you can use a stitch pattern and expect it to show up.  Or try some fair isle!
Rugged - April 2017 Tiger Club - Targhee
The wool isn’t rugged, but it’s from Big Sky Country in Montana.  Targhee was bred especially for conditions in the Northwest.  I’m always pleased to offer American grown and processed wool and yarn when they are available.

I’ll get a post about May’s yarn up soon, in the meantime, Tiger Club is open for June, and spots are going fast.  If you want one, go here!

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Violaceous – March 2017 Tiger Club

Purple is one of my favorite colors, second only to green.  Due to a commission from PLY Magazine, I had an excuse to purchase some Gotland.  The deep natural gray of this fiber lends itself to amazing overdyes, and I wanted to see what a deep purple would do.  Yum!

Violaceous Gotland Tiger Club March 2017

I mixed up two different ways to get purple all together, knowing the component colors would strike at different temperatures. I folded the fiber and yarn gently so that it would create it’s own resist, and poured over the color. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Violaceous YakkityYak Tiger Club March 2017

Oh, and that yarn? It’s a new one to Painted Tiger, a luxuriously soft blend of Superwash Merino, Yak (!!!) and Nylon. It’s spun to smilar specs as our Journey yarn, making it practical as well. I used up all my supply for club, but I’ll be ordering more soon. I want to do gradients on this!

Are you interested in joining the fun? I do have openings in yarn, fiber, and combination clubs at this time!! Click over to The Painted Tiger Yarn and Fiber Clubs.

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Shop Update – Panda Sock Yarn

Well, Tiger Fans, here we go! For several years, the only way to get variegated yarn from me was to belong to Tiger Club. I had stepped away from them to focus on fiber and self-striping yarn, but I really miss making them, and I’ve come up with some really great colors through club that have been requested often. So, I’m sticking my toe in the variegated pool again with these 5 colors, with more to come in the future. Stop by and see them all at The Painted Tiger!
New Hand Dyed Panda Merino Bamboo Sock Yarn at The Painted Tiger

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New Yarn and Fiber in the Shop!

First up, I’d like to share my recent work that I’m pretty excited about.  I love gradients for yarn, but the conventional way of doing them has been dyeing knitted blanks, and I just have not been thrilled with unknitting them and dealing with the kinks.  I’ve figured out a way to dye them that is totally un-kinky, and as a bonus, all 4 in a lot are exactly the same… if you want to use several together, that will absolutely work!!  I have three beautiful saturated colors for you, on a new yarn….Sparkle – it’s a 4 ply yarn….3 plies Superwash Merino, and one ply Silver Lurex….for a consistent sparkle that won’t shed.  You can find Jeweled, Out of the Deep, and Periwinkle to Petunia gradient on Sparkle here.

Jeweled Sparkle Gradient
Out of the Deep Sparkle Gradient
Periwinkle to Petunia Sparkle Gradient

I also have quite a collection of fiber for you! In Falkland, there’s Sea Breeze, and Periwinkle to Petunia.
Sea Breeze Falkland

On BFL I have Northern Lights, Evening Haze (in mixed BFL/Silk), and two ends of the spectrum….Elemental in Cool and Warm.

Northern Lights SW BFL
Evening Haze Mixed BFL Silk
Elemental - Cool SW BFL
Elemental - Warm SW BFL

Have you been reading the latest PLY Magazine? If you are interested in trying a down-type wool, I have Cheviot in Winter Berries.
Winter Berries Cheviot

Not a Down breed, but sometimes grouped in, here’s Shetland in First Day of Fall and Autumn’s Breath.
First Day of Fall Shetland
Autumns Breath Shetland

Besides Elemental on BFL, there are a couple of other rainbows….Lollipop on 19 Micron Merino Top, and Tropical Rainbow (Variegated) on Targhee.
Lollipop 19 m Merino
V Tropical Rainbow Targhee

Tiger Eye on Merino/Tencel is pretty and shiny….
Tiger Eye Merino Tencel

Finally, this is Wood Duck on 19 micron Merino.  (Yes, I posed it in a duck shape….quack quack!)
Wood Duck 19m Merino

This week was spent dyeing Club, I’m looking forward to working on some new yarn for you next week! Thank you for stopping by The Painted Tiger!

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Orchid – February 2017 Tiger Club

Yellow and Pink Orchids on Blue

I wanted to get some spring into your hands in time to work it up for the upcoming season. This inspiration photo of a spray of Orchids was just the thing!  I had fun working up the bright green and pink, a soft and stronger yellow, and the perfect blue to tie it all together (I erred a bit more toward sky than the teal in the photo….artist’s license….and the color the picture printed out as!).

Orchid Falkland Wool - February 2017 Tiger Club

The fiber is Falkland, one of my favorites, especially when I want to dye clear and pale colors.  It’s a great all-around fiber, soft enough, but with a bit of sturdiness, too.  Spin as-is back and forth across the colors, or divide up to keep the colors in order….or do your own thing….I can’t wait to see your yarn!

Orchid Panda Sock Yarn - February 2017 Tiger Club

The yarn is Panda, a blend of superwash Merino, Bamboo rayon, and Nylon.  It’s quite sturdy, and has enough memory for socks….or a great drape for shawls, scarves, and clothing items.  It’d be pretty for baby, too.  It’s dyed in the round for longer color repeats, and will likely mini-stripe on socks.  It might be fun in a modular type pattern, such as entrelac or domino knitting, diagonal stacking sock like Skew, or shortrowing like Diamondback.  Or try stacking the colors by knitting a cowl in the round.  Or weave a scarf on your rigid heddle loom!  Stop by the Facebook page, or our Ravelry group and show us what you make!

Interested in receiving a beautiful surprise of fiber and/or sock yarn each month?  Try Tiger Club… can join for as little as one month, stay as long as you like.  I have openings in all clubs right now….until March 15th (or when they fill up)!

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