January Tiger Club Reveal – Sea Breeze

For January’s Tiger Club, we took a bit of a journey to a warmer clime.  Imagine grasses and palm trees overlooking the ocean, and you have the idea.
Sea Breeze January Tiger Club Falkland Wool Combed Top

To capture the pale blues and greens, I went with Falkland for our fiber.  It’s a location, rather than a specific breed, and the wool pool on the Falkland Islands is chosen for whiteness and fineness.

Sea Breeze January Tiger Club Panda Sock Yarn

Panda is our yarn, a blend of superwash merino, rayonized bamboo, and nylon.  I don’t care for it so much in socks, so I decided to dye it for a shawl, as the yarn drapes beautifully.  The picture below shows the color order….lime to deeper green alternating with pale blue skies deepening to clear blue ocean.  Each color segment is roughly the same length, but honestly, this was eyeballed.
Sea Breeze January Tiger Club

The method used (for the sock yarn AND the fiber) is ‘blended gradient’, which means I let neighboring colors touch, mingle, and make new transition colors.  So when knitted, this will be semi-solid at times, and variegated at others.

Sea Breeze January Tiger ClubI’m looking forward to playing with a few skeins of this myself, I’m thinking of weaving a long vest kind of thing, maybe with a sand color as weft.

Tiger Club is currently full, but you are welcome to drop me a line if you’d like to be on the waiting list.

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Frosty Morning – December 2015 Tiger Club

Frosty Morning, December 2015 Tiger Club

About a week before I needed to decide on a club color, this was the view from our deck. The blazing yellow, orange and pink, topped off by hazy purple and gray just begged to be interpreted in wool.

Frosty Morning, December 2015 Tiger Club

The fiber is a blend of Mixed BFL and Silk. The natural dark fibers in the BFL gave the cloudy misty sense of haze and possibilities of this spectacular sunrise, and the longwool qualities plus silk give it just the right amount of shimmer. It’s a back and forth dye, so split it up if you want the colors to progress in order instead, or even spin them together across the bits of top held together if you want a single long gradient….you are the boss of your fiber!

The yarn is a variation of a staple sock yarn around here….Bengal Journey. Same construction, great yardage, and twist as the Merino Journey, but made with Blue Faced Leicester Wool, which lends extra strength, and that lovely BFL luster.

Frosty Morning, December 2015 Tiger Club

Frosty Morning, December 2015 Tiger Club

I’ll show you how my skein knits up once I get past the immediate end of year stuff….inventory and sales tax!  I used a mirrored dyeing pattern this time, which will be different from November’s in-the-round pattern.  Fun with variegation!

In the meantime, there are some sock club spots open for January….I’m going to expand it by 4 skeins, so if you’ve been waiting be sure to jump in, as they tend to go fast. The Fiber Clubs (and sock and fiber combos) have a waiting list, so do contact me if you are interested. Thanks, and may you have a bright and sunny 2016!

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Shop Update

I have a shop update for you….Falkland, Targhee, Mawata Silk Hankies, and a brand new striping sock yarn.

First up, The Long Winter on Falkland.  If you are subscribed to Ply, watch for your issue…..you may just spy this in there!!
The Long Winter Falkland

If grey doesn’t do it for you, I also made similar gradients in the 2016 Pantone colors…. Serenity and Rose Quartz.  (Plus I have a number of other gradients!)

Serenity Falkland
Rose Quartz Falkland

I also replenished some favorite Targhee colors….Forest and Autumn Splendor, and added a new one, Autumn Blaze Maple.
Forest Targhee
Autumn Splendor Targhee
Autumn Blaze Maple Targhee

Next up are some Hankie sets. Meet Thankful, Saturniidae Moth Caterpillar, Loch Ness, Pink!!!, and Scarlet!!!

Thankful Silk Hankies
Saturniidae Caterpillar Silk Hankies
Loch Ness Silk Hankies
Pink Hankies
Scarlet Hankies

And last, but not least…..I’ve dyed up a seasonal striping sock yarn….here is Candy Cane Stripe.
Candy Cane Stripe Journey

All of these are available in the shop! 

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Thankful – November 2015 Tiger Club

Turkey with spinning wheel

One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving.  It is a time to reconnect with family, to consider blessings, and …  eat!!  I’ve wrapped up some Thanksgiving meal favorites into this month’s fiber and yarn…..golden brown roast turkey, creamy mashed potatoes with a drizzle of gravy, rich green beans, jeweled red cranberry sauce, and of course, some dessert….rich pumpkin pie, plus some chocolate mousse (or black coffee!). Thankful Tiger Club November 2015 Targhee Wool

The fiber is Targhee, which is a sheep breed developed here in America….and this wool was grown and processed in the USA.  Targhee is great for lots of projects.  It has the softness of merino, but a bit more length and crimp.  It spins beautifully both in worsted and woolen styles.  Spin as is for long color runs, or strip it down to make the colors shorter and mix it up.  (Mom, my food is touching!!!)

Thankful Tiger Club November 2015 Tiger Twist Sock YarnOur yarn is also an American product.  I’ve been so glad to watch over the past 10 years as the wool industry is slowly coming back to the United States.  This version of Tiger Twist is made from Merino that was grown in the US, and superwash processed here, too!  (Did you know all wool had to be shipped overseas for superwashing until just a few years ago?)

I used a short repeat on this yarn, hand painting each skein (whew!).  Just for kicks and giggles, I did a little bit of swatching of the yarn to show you why I don’t usually make swatches of variegated yarn to show you!!

Thankful Tiger Club November 2015

At the bottom, I started with 72 stitches and a loose tension, and the yarn makes a stripey spiral.  Then I tightened the tension, and the yarn suddenly made larger pools…..or puddles.  In the middle of the pooling section, I reduced the stitches to 64, but put the tension back to the original.  The puddling continued….but changed direction!  I again tightened the tension, and the yarn went back to making striping spirals….but in the other direction from the original.  This was all done on my knitting machine, so you can imagine the further variation that can be added by small human changes in tension from row to row or session to session. Thankful Tiger Club November 2015

So, that is why I don’t post pictures of swatches for variegated yarn. What will happen on your project is dependent on stitch count, needle size, and your tension. These are all things you can control if you don’t care for the way the colors are pooling.

Thankful Tiger Club November 2015

That’s it for November Club. I’m looking ahead to December now. I have one sock club opening at this time (I’m dyeing early so I can enjoy Christmas with my family), but you can look for more openings for yarn (and possibly fiber) in the New Year.

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Wood Duck – October 2015 Tiger Club

Wood Duck

Look at this handsome fellow!  A lovely blend of greens, blues, browns, and a bit of black and white.  I’ve made variations of some of the colors over the years, but I wanted to capture more of them at once.

Wood Duck - October 2015 Tiger Club - 19 Micron Merino


Our fiber is a new variation (to TPT, anyway) of an age old fiber….Merino.  This is 19 micron, and is cottony soft.  I dyed ‘there and back’ with the colors, so you can split it the short way in the middle if you want a matching 2 ply.  (Yes, I totally posed it in a duck shape.)

Wood Duck - October 2015 Tiger Club - Journey Sock Yarn

For the yarn, I wanted to capture some pattern, too….like the white dots on the orange-brown breast.  I thought it would be too busy in variegated, so I went with stripes, on Journey Sock yarn for a bit of shine.  The two blues are different in person, goofy camera.  Anyway, I like how it turned out, and it will be a fun knit that can take a bit of pattern, or not, depending on what you’d like to do.

Subscriptions are open for November!

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First Day of Fall – Tiger Club

I love to look around me for color inspiration, and September’s Tiger Club was no exception. Despite being quite a warm fall, even in mid-September a few trees were responding to the shorter days by withdrawing their chlorophyll.

First Day of FallTo achieve the tones and randomness, I applied a shade of green and a good strong red to both yarn and fiber, then overdyed them with shades of yellow and gold. First Day of Fall - Shetland Wool

The fiber is Shetland, which is a fantastic all around fiber, and I particularly like this batch of it.

First Day of Fall - Tiger Twist Sport

The yarn is a sport version of an old favorite. Tiger Twist 365 is a nice superwash merino with a good hosiery twist on it. Of interest to me was how yarn dyed in the same batch, with exactly the same treatment, would behave differently in the overdye. Some kept the green and red as stark speckles, and others released them and made a more blended effect….and some did a little of both. Pretty cool….no two are alike.

I do have one sock and one fiber spot left in Tiger Club for October, you are welcome to join us!

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Tiger Club!

Time has just been flying by!  Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for September’s Tiger Club.  Here is a look back at the yarn and fiber club members received in August.

I follow a few fiber groups on Facebook, and this picture was posted for color inspiration.  It’s a species of Saturniidae moth, and wow, isn’t it fun and colorful?

Saturniidae Moth Caterpillar

The appeal of this picture to me is the jumble of colors. So I decided to hand paint a ‘stick figure’ caterpillar on the yarn and fiber. I used three purples, a shocking blue, bright magenta, and some gold….and allowed the natural white to show.

Saturniidae August Tiger Club - BFL Journey Sock Yarn

The yarn is a riff on a favorite sock yarn here….Journey. Except instead of Merino, it is BFL (blue faced leicester) wool. Same 4 plies, same great yardage. I can’t wait to see how it dapples and pools.

Saturniidae August 2015 Tiger Club - Polwarth Wool

I painted in a similar technique on the wool, but there are more folds so the dappling is more spread out. The wool is Polwarth, a hearty cross breed of Merino and Lincoln. The wool is a little longer and stronger, but retains that nice pouf and fine crimp of Merino.

I invite you to check out the club and try it for a month. I love dyeing for my club members, and it is fun to get a new surprise. For September, I’ll be shifting into fall mode with fibers and colors.

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