Michael Phelps is my brother.

Yup, that’s my big secret.  Ok, quit scratching your head.  My brother, Michael Phelps, is a computer programmer in Des Moines, Iowa.  He can swim, but more in the ordinary, keep yourself from drowning, kind of way.

The family name does add some interest for us to the Olympics though (not to mention people suddenly being able to spell and pronounce our name….so often misgiven as Phillips), so it’s been fun rooting on my ‘bro’ in all these races.  Turns out that he’s a pretty cool kid, too.  This article is a good one, if you don’t know much about him.  Congratulations, Michael!!

As part of the Olympics, Ravelry has been hosting the ‘Ravelympics’ with punful events such as the Sock Put and WIPs Wrestling.  Having a serious issue with over-commitment, and just coming off the marathon room remodeling (I’ll show pics tomorrow….it turned out great!), I decided to not enter officially.  I have, however, made a few items. 

Rainbow Socks knit with Tiger Twist

These socks are on my new ‘Tiger Twist’ base yarn.  I really wanted to get a pair of socks knit to show how far the yarn will go, since the yardage (365) seems a bit short to sock knitters.  I’m pleased to report that I made these size 9 socks with 1×1 ribbing, and if I measure from the pointy middle of my ankle bone, that cuff goes 6 inches.  I used a toe up pattern, and it’s as simple a pattern as could be (Penny Sock), but it is quite enough yarn.  I had about a yard total leftover.  I plan to make a bunch of double stranded flats of these, and paint ’em up…..’Fillet of Socks’, or ‘Fillet of Sole’ I’ll call ’em (your opinion is welcome, especially if you can think of something more clever!!!)  I have to say that I’m very happy that I felt the need to make this pair of socks…..they are the first I’ve knit for myself.  Now that I know this easy pattern, I may whip out a few more…….

Hand Spun Yarn
I’ve also been working on this hand spun yarn.  I dyed this roving awhile back, and had planned to ply it with pearls and glass beads.  I got the yarn single and beads out today and held them together, and the glass beads were just too aqua, and the single too green.  I love the colors of each, but not together.  So, I plyed the single end to end as is.  I think it turned out great, and I’m going make something for myself out of it.  There are about 111 yards.  I think I’ll dye up something a bit more pale aqua and green and white and ply the beads with that.

So now I have to think up some new projects to work on during the Olympics.  The wheel is up, and I have plenty of roving, so spinning I think is the event for tonight.  Hope you are enjoying your own project!

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